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Get involved with Crazy Catch says Kadeen Corbin

Congratulations to the England Netball team on their amazing 3-0 series win against the Aussie Diamonds. Crazy Catch were delighted to be invited to Wembley and the NIA which gave hundreds of young netball fans the chance to try out the Crazy Catch and have fun with their friends before the match.

England v Australia Netball Series

England v Australia Netball Series

Crazy Catch is an ideal training aid to help you improve your Netball … practice your throwing and catching and reaction speeds with the INSANE rebounds created off the net. Our Double Trouble models are best for Netball and come in 3 sizes (Upstart, Wildchild and Professional) … The Double Trouble have two insane sides which tests players right to international level. The Crazy Catches are also great for school or club training and a number of drills have been devised to improve your Netball skills. Take a look at some of the victorious squad testing the Crazy Catch on our You Tube Netball channel including Stacey Francis, Kadeen Corbin and Ebony Beckford-Chambers

NEW Freestyle - "What an amazing product!!"

NEW Freestyle – “What an amazing product!!”

Crazy Catch is now available on the official England Netball store – as well as Barrington Sports and Netball UK.


Interview with Roy Tucker- School Sports Magazines “Sports Teacher of the Year”

Every year Crazy Catch are delighted to sponsor the School Sports Magazine ” Sports Teacher of the Year” award – This year it was won by Roy Tucker from Cheshunt School. Roy has been at the school over 35 years and we went along to present him with his certificate and a few Crazy Catches which we demonstrated for a group of PE students…

Roy Tucker- Sports Teacher of the Year

Roy Tucker- Sports Teacher of the Year

Interview with Roy Tucker …

Congratulations on winning School Sports Teacher of the Year Roy – you must be very proud of your achievements at Cheshunt School Thank-you… Proud is one of the word’s I would use, I would also say immensely flattered. I’m honoured and slightly humbled as I am very aware that throughout the UK there are hundreds  of PE teachers doing a job in exactly the same way as I am and for me to be singled out from that group to receive this award is extremely  humbling but also a very proud moment in my professional career.

You have been at Cheshunt for over 35 years now, are there any particular highlights that stand out during this time? Apart from being awarded Sports Teacher of the Year! I am very fortunate that over the years I have been able to work through many, many highlights. Both from normal curriculum teaching right through to winning national titles and national awards with my boys, girls and sports teams but probably THE highlight was winning the national schools rugby 7s way, way back in 1985 at Oxford Universities ground in Iffly Road and that will stay with me for a very long time because not only did we win that national title but it was with a very nice group of boys who id built a relationship with from the moment entered the school in year 7 right up to the sixth form when they won that national title.

What is the secret to your successes at Cheshunt School ? It’s not just my teaching success -I have to acknowledge the work of my rest of my department as well and also the work of the students here at Cheshunt.  I firmly believe in embedding key skills from the moment students enter in year 7 and we practice and we drill and we practice and we drill so those skills become embedded. We also have built up a rich heritage of success and students now, they go to competitions and they almost expect to succeed and it’s that through that confidence that gives them that extra edge. As we know from the experiences of the likes of Dave Brailsford at British Cycling who talks about the accumulation of small gains and small margins and exactly the same thing applies when teaching in secondary school students as well. I would say the key is the embedding and then further nurturing of those skills.

We have seen what a fantastic year 2012 was for British sports and you are less than an hour from the Olympic park here but have you noticed any impact or changes in your students and perhaps their desire to try new sports or their attitude towards taking part in sport more generally?

The effect that the Olympics in 2012 has had on students here , we noticed immediately coming back to start the new school year in September that the buzz words were success, Olympics, gold, Mo Farah, Jess Ennis and the Paralympics. Immediately we sat down and we started looking at ways in which we could build on that success and we interview our students and gave them questionnaires and we have been trying to identify activities they particularly want to introduce into the curriculum that aren’t already there at the moment and we are looking to get people who  have got wider experiences than we have got here within the PE faculty to help start off and deliver those activities.

It seems you have some fantastic sports leaders here- can you explain their role in engaging other students in sport at Cheshunt School ? The Sports leaders scheme that I run here at Cheshunt School – If I had to actually identify one area of current success and one area that makes me more proud than anything else of my students,  I would actually identify the work of the Sports Leaders. We identify students with appropriate qualities from the moment they come to us in year 7 and in their very first PE lesson we will give some students some responsibility for leading other small groups of students and over the course of their first few weeks at Cheshunt School, every student will have had an experience of leadership and from observing those students, we start to identify those who we think are going to possess the correct qualities, the right attitudes, the right values  that we are going to be able to develop into successful sports leaders. From then they start to come out with me, and they start to officiate and organise local activities, local competitive events with KS1, KS2, KS3 – As they go up through  year 8 and year 9 , they start to take responsibility for the managing of activities, the managing of district events as well as the officiating and by the time they get into year 11, 12 and 13 we form a different group of what we call “elite sports leaders” and they actually work with National Governing Bodies and they organise and manage national events all throughout the UK and for me to take them from activity to activity, venue to venue and watching them work really is a hair standing up on the back of your neck moment when you see the quality of their work and the confidence and accuracy that they fulfil their duties.

If you were prime minster for a day- what policies would you bring in to improve sport in schools? We are talking cloud cuckooland here and a nirvana situation but it would have to be unlimited funding. It would have to be unlimited outside coaching. It would have to be a fleet of bulldozers coming into schools with dilapidated facilities, getting rid of them and rebuilding them with state of the art facilities so a few million would be needed!!

Finally – Today Flicx UK have been here demonstrating the Crazy Catch. How do you think the product has been received by students and how you think PE teachers could benefit from using the product going forward? I’ve never seen they Crazy Catch systems working before and I know if your communications you promised the session would be interesting and fun! And I was surprised and impressed with the equipment that the students have just been using. Initially I made the error of assuming it would be a very cricket based activity but watching the students in action – then the range of different activities that I can see it being used for and the range of different skills that it will develop in students who use it- the obvious one is co-ordination but just watching the students over the past half an hour being used it in our gymnasium we have been able to see and I have been discussing it with Amy one of my sports leader we have seen it developing the students speed, agility, co-ordination, reaction times. One of our key issues that we breed in every lesson is the have to both succeed and enjoy and in the course of the time I’ve spent watching them use the Crazy Catches, I’ve been able to see every single student both succeeding and enjoying using that piece of equipment so I can see it having absolutely limitless different opportunities here for our students to develop.

“Once you have a go, you want one!”

Crazy Catch recently did a video session with Complete Cricket in conjunction with Richard Johnson at Solihull College. This was the first time David Smith and his team at Complete Cricket had seen the Crazy Catch Freestyle, our new handheld device- and the feedback was very positive and we filmed a few new drills made up on the spot. Take a good here…

“The freestyle is a product that once you have a go you want one and I think all coaches would agree with that. Very functional and easy to carry” – David Smith – Complete Cricket

Complete Cricket have courses coming up with Paul Nixon, Alan Richardson and further wicket keeping sessions with Richard Johnson. Photos from the day are also available on our facebook page…click here.

Hockey Coaches- Keep your keepers entertained

Hockey isn’t the first sport that would come to mind with the Crazy Catch but more and more clubs are seeing their benefits to aid goalkeepers and to help field players master 3d skills and rebounds. Lewes Hockey Club coach Ross Bone reviewed the Crazy Catch Wildchild and Professional and his article appeared in the December issue of Push Hockey Magazine

Push Hockey Article- Dec 2012

He saw the key benefits as…

  • Easy to set up and adjust so you can work with players of different levels
  • Multitude of possibilities for goalkeeper sessions including throwing and catching, reflexes, reactions and footwork.
  • Able to recreate the same or similar types of saves – without relying on the skill of a feeder
  • Unpredictable height and speed so good for forwards to learn how to control awkward balls in tight areas and for defenders to counteract those lifts
  • “An excellent fun coaching aid and well worth using!”

Spartan Hockey Camps- GK

Christmas Family Fun for young netballers

The Crazy Catches have been a hugely popular Christmas present this year and we received this email from a customer this morning which demonstrates the wide appeal of the product. Not only can you improve your skills for your chosen sport but its also great fun to use – get the whole family involved!!!

“It’s most definitely a hit 🙂  My hubby was itching to have a go, and I have never laughed so much in my whole life! I’m sat here now giggling just thinking about how he was throwing himself around trying to catch the ball.

 Holly plays in the U12’s team at Yeovil Netball Club and we are huge Team Bath fans. I take her to watch all the home super league games and her favourite player is Kadeen Corbin. When we were looking for crazy catch video’s on you tube, we came across one with Kadeen using the crazy catch 🙂 Just need the rain to disappear now so that we can get out and practice.” 

Take a look at the Kadeen Corbin netball video for training ideas on our You Tube Netball channel – 

Happy New Year from Crazy Catch

London 2012

2012- An amazing year for Sport

Wow- what a year of sport 2012 was!!! We enjoyed it all especially seeing the successes of athletes and teams who use the Crazy Catch in their training. Now its time to look forward and we are delighted to launch a brand new blog which we will use to share our behind the scenes stories as well as bringing you idea’s for training from top coaches and help you improve your game, whatever your sport! The Crazy Catch is the ultimate rebound net so give yourself the edge this year.