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$10,000 dollar – 1 minute challenge

Take the Crazy Catch 1 minute challenge

Take the Crazy Catch 1 minute challenge

Fancy winning $10,000??? Who doesn’t … well Crazy Catch are giving you the chance to win this prize by taking the 1 minute challenge! The rules are simple… Set up a camera and film yourself 2 metres away from your Crazy Catch recording how many catches you make in 1 minute, using the INSANE side!! Upload your video to You Tube or send via where you can see the current leader board with the leading score of 72.

You have until the 31st May to get practicing and put your best entry in. There are also junior categories and the 14-17 class is currently led by Stefan Vass from Northampton, a keen badminton player and student at Moulton College (@SvVass).

For more information on the Crazy Catch $10,000 1 minute challenge take a look at the video below. Why not set up the challenge with your sports team before a game (or as a fundraiser) to get your eye in and to see who really is the most competitive. Be warned this game is very addictive and good luck .


Kelly Smith and Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch – The Ultimate Rebound Net, has some high profile fans in the women’s game. You too can improve your skills and reactions with this fantastic piece of sports kit.

The Crazy Catch is a rebound net with a difference… Its unique patented double net properties mean that a ball behaves erratically when you use the insane side which is great for practicing your first touch and for goalkeeper’s reactions. Using a football on the smaller netting produces a sane rebound so that’s great for technique work and improving your skills.

Speaking about the Crazy Catch as a training aid Kelly Smith said “The Crazy Catch is an amazing tool to work with from players of my age at the professional level, right down to grass roots” – Click here to check out her skills on our latest video.

Crazy Catch is pleased to work alongside other top players and clubs in the women’s game including Siobhan Chamberlain, Ellen White, Freestyler Charlotte Lade, Coventry City Ladies and young Crazy Catch ambassador Antonia Smith. You can see video’s of these players in action doing various drills on our Crazy Catch YouTube channel.

There are 4 Crazy Catch models available currently for the football market, the Professional, Wildchild, Upstart and our brand new Freestyle which is a fun handheld product and a great coaching aid. Using the Crazy Catches are a great way for clubs and coaches to develop your players skills and you can also use them for fun warm up games, speed and agility training, goalkeeper training, vision training and much more from beginners right up to professional levels.

Crazy Catch is available from a range of leading Sports Equipment and Football retailers

Don’t forget your wicket keepers!!

Often in sport, the goalkeeper is the forgotten player in training… The crazy one, the hero or the zero with no ground in between. As coaches – lots don’t know how to include them in training sessions except in a shooting practice where they are pummeled with balls left, right and centre. In cricket the wicket keeper takes a similar role, indeed at many clubs there isn’t a wicket keeper specialist which can backfire when catches go down.

Richard Johnson and Complete Cricket

Richard Johnson and Complete Cricket

Our latest video was shot with the Richard Johnson wicket keeping academy… Richard plays first class county cricket for Derbyshire and loved using the Crazy Catch in his training session. Take a look for tips, techniques and drill ideas and let us know what you think…

1 million catches on Guernsey


Catching is a vital coordination skill that is needed in a huge majority of sports. The ability to stand still, watch the ball and judge the line are key to the success of children in sport. Everyone can improve their catching, all that it takes is practice, practice and believe it or not, more practice.

The GCB Mascot

The GCB Mascot

The Guernsey Cricket Board are dedicating 2013 to catching!! GCB are working in all 14 of Guernsey’s junior schools which have an average of 2 classes per year in years 5&6, that’s 56 classes. They will be spending five sessions with each class. If you say that there are 20 children in each class and each one of them takes 200 catches in each session that means that we have a “One Million Catch Challenge” on our hands.

A leader board is set up on this specially created website, which also features some great tips on catching as well as the ability to buy products in the Crazy Catch range. The Crazy Catch is the ultimate rebound net and is used at all levels of the game as well as in schools to development fundamental physical literacy skills like reaction times, co-ordination, speed and agility… We think this is a really fantastic idea and one that would work in schools and for other cricket county development teams. For more information visit the website or follow the campaign on twitter

The Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy and Crazy Catch

In our latest blog we hold a Q+A with Rupes Kitzinger, General Manager – UK Sport and Activity Programmes at Activate Sport. Activate run sports camps for kids including the famous “Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy” and use the Crazy Catch extensively … Here’s how

The Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy

The Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy

Rupes, How did you first come across the Crazy Catch at the AFCA?? We’ve used the Crazy Catch from Day One of the Academy back in 2008. I came across it while coaching in New Zealand in 2002 and knew it was a must-have for a coach’s kitbag from then so it was always going to be part of AFCA!

How do you use the product in your camps at the moment? And what do the kids make of it? We use it in a multitude of ways for games and drills – so much so we even have a DVD with them on! We always have a One minute Challenge in which all players on every Academy take part in and the kids love it!

As a cricket coach, what would you say were the biggest benefits to a young cricketer’s game of using the Crazy Catch? The best thing for me is the fact that anyone can use it and be challenged to whatever level by using different balls, standing closer etc. It is so much fun I have seen kids who don’t even like sport play with it all afternoon and love it. Seeing player’s skills and coordination develop as quickly as it does using the Crazy Catch is a real thrill for any coach.

What role does Freddie play in the academy and what does he make to the Crazy Catch? Fred helps to design the course, visits as many Academies as he can and wants to see as many kids playing and enjoying cricket as he can. He also loves the Crazy Catch and he takes on the One Minute Challenge winner from the Academy every time he visits. He is still quite competitive but I won’t say who normally wins!

Freddie Flintoff at the AFCA - One the 1 minute challenge

Freddie Flintoff at the AFCA – 1 minute challenge

Crazy Catch have a new handheld Freestyle which has just been launched- can you see that being a popular coaching aid? Without doubt! The great things with all the innovations in the game is the way it challenges players while making life easier for the coach to use. There are so many ways the freestyle can be used… it is bound to be a hit!

And finally what’s your best ever score on the 1 minute challenge? Wow – too many to mention…I lost count after about 45…

For more information about the ACFA visit the website or take a look at the video below showing the Crazy Catch in action with the AFCA

Gunning for victory

It’s great to see some coverage of the England Women’s cricket team over in India for the world cup at the moment. (they even made the cover of All Out Cricket for the first time!)

Prior to Christmas Crazy Catch were delighted to meet the team’s Vice Captain Jenny Gunn (follow her on Twitter @GunnJenny ) at a filmed training session with Complete Cricket. This short video shows Jenny taking the Crazy Catch 1 minute challenge and doing some fielding practice with the new Crazy Catch Freestyle. After losing to the tournaments surprise package Sri Lanka in their first match, England are now back on track and through to the Super Sixes.

Further information on the BBC Sport website Good Luck to Jenny and all the girls