1 million catches on Guernsey


Catching is a vital coordination skill that is needed in a huge majority of sports. The ability to stand still, watch the ball and judge the line are key to the success of children in sport. Everyone can improve their catching, all that it takes is practice, practice and believe it or not, more practice.

The GCB Mascot

The GCB Mascot

The Guernsey Cricket Board are dedicating 2013 to catching!! GCB are working in all 14 of Guernsey’s junior schools which have an average of 2 classes per year in years 5&6, that’s 56 classes. They will be spending five sessions with each class. If you say that there are 20 children in each class and each one of them takes 200 catches in each session that means that we have a “One Million Catch Challenge” on our hands.

A leader board is set up on this specially created website, which also features some great tips on catching as well as the ability to buy products in the Crazy Catch range. The Crazy Catch is the ultimate rebound net and is used at all levels of the game as well as in schools to development fundamental physical literacy skills like reaction times, co-ordination, speed and agility… We think this is a really fantastic idea and one that would work in schools and for other cricket county development teams. For more information visit the website http://gcbcrazycatchchallenge.weebly.com/index.html or follow the campaign on twitter https://twitter.com/GCBCricketCats


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