Kelly Smith and Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch – The Ultimate Rebound Net, has some high profile fans in the women’s game. You too can improve your skills and reactions with this fantastic piece of sports kit.

The Crazy Catch is a rebound net with a difference… Its unique patented double net properties mean that a ball behaves erratically when you use the insane side which is great for practicing your first touch and for goalkeeper’s reactions. Using a football on the smaller netting produces a sane rebound so that’s great for technique work and improving your skills.

Speaking about the Crazy Catch as a training aid Kelly Smith said “The Crazy Catch is an amazing tool to work with from players of my age at the professional level, right down to grass roots” – Click here to check out her skills on our latest video.

Crazy Catch is pleased to work alongside other top players and clubs in the women’s game including Siobhan Chamberlain, Ellen White, Freestyler Charlotte Lade, Coventry City Ladies and young Crazy Catch ambassador Antonia Smith. You can see video’s of these players in action doing various drills on our Crazy Catch YouTube channel.

There are 4 Crazy Catch models available currently for the football market, the Professional, Wildchild, Upstart and our brand new Freestyle which is a fun handheld product and a great coaching aid. Using the Crazy Catches are a great way for clubs and coaches to develop your players skills and you can also use them for fun warm up games, speed and agility training, goalkeeper training, vision training and much more from beginners right up to professional levels.

Crazy Catch is available from a range of leading Sports Equipment and Football retailers


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