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Easter Fun in the Garden (win a Crazy Catch with Activ Instinct)

The Easter Holidays are upon us and everyone is crossing their fingers that we will have some nice sunshine at long last!!! It’s also the time of year where children venture out into the garden to play just like Freddie the 2nd!! 

Activ Instinct

The Crazy Catch is the perfect product for the whole family to enjoy… it’s such addictive fun!! Spending hours throwing and catching and trying to predict the unpredictable nature of the Crazy Catches INSANE side. For the young footballer or netball player the product is a great way to improve  your core skills like passing and control…why not set up a goal and play a ball onto the Crazy Catch before taking a shot against Dad in-between the posts!

Crazy Catch is delighted to be partnering with Activ Instinct in the Ultimate Easter Bunny competition running all Easter week on their Facebook page. Get your kids involved and be in with a chance to win a Crazy Catch Upstart!!

Visit for your chance to win a Crazy Catch Upstart in their Easter Competition

Visit for your chance to win a Crazy Catch Upstart in their Easter Competition

We also have a number of coaching companies using Crazy Catch in their courses this week including Activate Sports, ASPIRE Sports, Complete Cricket and many more… Don’t forget to upload your photos or video’s to our Facebook group or our Twitter page – we love to see you and your Crazy Catch in action!!


Strength and Conditioning training with Andy Allford

Andy Allford, Crazy Catch ambassador, and Head of Sports & Active Lifestyles at Kings College, London kindly agreed to be interviewed for the Crazy Catch blog. Andy has used the product extensively in his coaching over recent years including in the run up for the 2012 Olympics with Badminton England so we find out how he first got involved and how the Crazy Catch can be used by all coaches to improve Speed and Agility of athletes in a fun and engaging way…

Andy Allford coaching - Speed and Agility session

Andy Allford coaching – Speed and Agility session

1)      Andy; can you tell us a bit about your coaching career to date??

I have coached fitness ever since I graduated University in 1996 but really started working with athletes in 1999 where I worked at the University of Hertfordshire as Head of Health, Fitness and Performance. In 2006 I started working Full time with the English Institute of Sport as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Badminton culminating in the Team Leader responsibilities for London.

2)      What first prompted your interest in speed and agility training??

With smashes in badminton regularly clocked at over 200 mph and average rally lengths only lasting 6-10 seconds speed and agility training was of paramount importance. What really led to my interest was trying to discover why some of quickest athletes off court weren’t our quickest athletes on court which led me to broaden my view that the training for this component should not simply be on the physical side but to add in visual and cognitive (decision making) elements as well.

3) How did you come across the Crazy Catch?? And what were your first impressions??

We use the Crazy Catch as part of our preparations before Beijing and it appealed to us because it was practical and the athletes found it fun. I also wanted something we could use when the athletes were injured but still kept their feeling of reactions sharp, which we could do modifying the use of the Crazy Catch.

4) How have you used it in your sessions to date and how do the athletes find it??

I have used it a number of ways, as part of warm ups, as part of contrast sets within weights sessions and as a fun game at the end of a session. The athletes love it and depending on how you manipulate the use of the Crazy Catch you can get some great work done but disguised within games and practices.

5) What benefits in terms of Strength and Conditioning training does using the Crazy Catch provide an athlete??

The beauty of the Crazy Catch is that you can manipulate the practices to have more of a physical, visual or cognitive focus all under the umbrella of improving your the component of speed and agility. The fact that you can make it into games means the athletes tend to try a lot harder than simply running through speed and agility drills and as sport is mainly reactive it is also more functional.

6) What sports or athletes would benefit from using this type of training on a regular basis??

Most sports in which you have to perform skills under differing conditions will find the training useful, especially those requiring hand/foot – eye co-ordination but I have used the product with young kids through to Olympic level athletes who have all found it useful.

7) How can coaches who do not specialise in “Speed and Agility and S+C” learn how to incorporate these skills into their sessions?? 

We have produced with Nathan Robertson, a video on the Crazy Catch YouTube channel explaining in a bit more depth about the broader concept of speed and agility training incorporating the different factors. Take a look below…

8)      How do you see the Crazy Catch being used going forward

It is only limited by your imagination – so who knows what extra games/practices people will come up with!

England Disability football at St Georges Park

St Georges Park is the FA’s flagship National Football Centre and the new training base for England’s 24 teams. As you would expect, the centre in Burton, which is also the home of the FA’s educational department, has been kitted out with the best training equipment (including 6 Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Troubles and 4 Crazy Catch Professional Double Troubles) and the top class facilities will hopefully enable England teams of the future to flourish. 

The B1 England disability football team held a training camp at St Georges Park this past weekend (16th/17th March) and the squads goalkeepers Lewis Skyers, Dan James and Luke Brimfield enjoyed a specialist session with the Crazy Catch rebound nets.

Lewis Skyers on the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble

Lewis Skyers on the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble

B1 England Goalkeeper training – 16th March 2013 ( Photo Album from the training camp hosted on the Crazy Catch Facebook page).

The weekend was a national training weekend for the B1 futsal squad who are currently preparing for the IBSA European Blind Championships in Italy in June. All of the squads goalkeepers are fully sighted and the team itself is made up of one sighted goalkeeper and 4 blind players for the game of B1 Blind Futsal. The Crazy Catches have been used in the past by the squads goalkeeping coach Paul Reynolds, who headed up the weekends coaching, but a conversation with Keith Rees who is the current England women’s goalkeeper coach saw Paul test out the brand new Freestyle for the first time on Saturday. During the session the static Wildchild Double Trouble (red) and the handheld Freestyle product (orange) were used to work on improving reactions. The Double Troubles in the Crazy Catch range are great for football as they have 2 insane sides which means they create an insane rebound with a football or indeed the larger, heavier ball futsal containing ball bearings used by the B1 squad.

Both Dan and Lewis played at a good level of football prior to them getting involved in disability football, where a much smaller area (2x5m) is afforded to the keeper, who must not be under a pro contract to be eligible for selection. In addition there is more of a reliance on good communication and accurate distribution skills to support their teammates.

Speaking about the weekend at St Georges Park coach Paul Reynolds commented “The goalkeepers really enjoyed using the Crazy Catches, I think they are great for reaction work and we will definitely be using  them in the future” 

As well as playing for England in European and World Champions,  Dan and Lewis, who have a wealth of experience between them represented GB in the Paralympics in London where they finished 7th … Dan also played for GB in the Beijing Paralympics in 2008 and via Twitter they gave us their thoughts on the session..

Dan James ‏@OCTOPUSDEEJ great product and very challenging. I will be using them in my training in the future for sure.

Lewis Skyers @lskyersGB fantastic bit of goalkeeping equipment, really put us through our paces.

For more information about the Crazy Catch – do contact us … we love to hear how you are using the Ultimate Rebound Net to improve your game.

One Hockey link up with Crazy Catch

One Hockey provides top quality hockey coaching to all those players looking to improve and progress.One Hockey is run by Simon Lee and also features high profile international guest coaches including Emily Maguire and Darren Cheesman. Simon is an England Hockey Centrally Contacted Coach (CCC) and is also Head of Hockey at Northumbria University, coach to Whitley Bay and Tynemouth Ladies in the National League, and director of coaching at Kirkby Lonsdale Hockey Club.

In their February half term masterclass sessions, One Hockey product tested the Crazy Catch Freestyle with their goalkeepers under the guidance of University of Nottingham keeper Danny Crowther. Take a look at the gallery below showing the Freestyle being used improve reactions and reflexes. The verdict from the One Hockey coaches for newest “handheld” member of the Crazy Catch family was very positive …

“The Crazy Catch Freestyle has offered us the ability to tailor our coaching to the specific needs of a player on a more 1 to1 basis. It has also given players the ability to work within small groups at a high intensity, to work their balance, coordination and footwork” – Simon Lee

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Find out more about the upcoming One Hockey Clinic’s, Camps and Masterclasses on the One Hockey website or check them out on Facebook 

How the Crazy Catch was invented

The Crazy Catch was invented by New Zealand sheep farmer Andrew Sinclair who discovered that overlaying 2 nets created an “insane” reaction. This “insane” side along with a single net creating a “sane” reaction was made into a a-frame style product called the Crazy Catch which instantly became a hit in the cricket market as a training aid for catching which also improves your reflexes and footwork. The Crazy Catch is a versatile product and can be used in a group or individually on any surface. It also uniquely caters for players of all ages and abilities and is great fun to use.

New Crazy Catch models have subsequently been developed with 4 distinct sizes for different markets – The Professional for clubs and schools, the Wildchild our midrange bestseller, the upstart which is great for the garden and our great fun handheld model the Freestyle. In addition the Double Trouble range now has 2 insane sides and is perfect for Netball, Rugby and Football as it creates an insane rebound with a larger ball. So whatever your sport, you can improve your game with the ultimate rebound net distributed in the UK by Flicx UK.

Take a look at the global Crazy Catch website at

The Ultimate Partnership

Following a successful trial period, Aspire Sports are pleased to announce a partnership with Crazy Catch.

Crazy Catch, who manufacture “the ultimate rebound net”, have provided Aspire Sports with a range of products that you may have seen the team using through some of our programmes.

Aspire Sports’ Danny Maskell has been impressed with the new equipment and commented “The Crazy Catch products have been a very useful acquisition for the company. We have used them on a number of our programmes and the feedback has been excellent. We will continue to use the Crazy Catch products as we believe that they are a valuable coaching aid that impacts on the learning and progress of the young people we work with.”

Aspire Sports

Keep a look out for the Crazy Catch rebound nets on the Aspire Sports Football Centre and Easter Active Camps this Spring.

Freddie the Second !!! – Garden fun for kids

Here’s a great little story from one of our youngest customers… If you have anything to share with us at Crazy Catch then do get in touch – we love to hear from you and your teams!

Freddie Winsor on his new Wildchild Classic

Freddie Winsor on his new Wildchild Classic

“The Crazy Catch arrived…

Freddie opened it and loved it, 45 minutes in the freezing cold he threw the ball at the Crazy Catch and it came back to him. Then he put cones out ( I think because his hands got cold) and he was diving to stop it going over the line. He has a great imagination so I can see he will be making up games day after day.

He loved it and I can’t wait for it to be warm so he can be playing games on it non stop..” – From Paula and Freddie Winsor