Crazy Catch at the home of cricket

For the past 3 days, team Crazy Catch have been at the home of Cricket at Lords for the first test between England and New Zealand. The opportunity to demonstrate the Crazy Catch and run the 1 minute challenge came about through it’s use as a training aid in the academy run in the indoor centre and the products subsequent availability in the Lords Shop and online at
Crazy Catch 1 minute challenge

Crazy Catch 1 minute challenge

For those of you that haven’t yet experienced the insane-ness of the Crazy Catch, it really is a testing training aid for players of all levels. Use it to hone your catching skills, reactions as well as hand eye co-ordination, agility, batting technique and of course diving practice for wicket keepers… The usage is limited only by imagination.
Situated in the nursery end, the 1 minute challenge draws in competitors from around the world keen to be in with a chance of scoping the 1 minute challenges $10,000 jackpot. The banter has been flowing between the kiwi’s and the pom’s particularly as the afternoons have progressed. If you are coming to the test match tomorrow do come along and test your skills on the Crazy Catch 1 minute challenge and take advantage of the great offer to by a Crazy Catch Upstart or Freestyle from the Lords Shop – there is a fantastic 10% discount running throughout the test and you can pick it up there and then and get straight into training to beat your score … It’s so addictive!!!

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