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Which is the right Crazy Catch for me this Christmas??

The elves at Crazy Catch HQ have been receiving a number of phone calls and emails recently from customers looking to buy a Crazy Catch but quite not sure which would be the best model for their needs… so here is a little blog to explain the difference between our Classic Range and Double Trouble range and the different sizes available…

Put simply we recommend the Classic Range for small ball sports like cricket and hockey and the Double Troubles for large ball sports like football, netball and rugby. This is because the Classics (available as either an Upstart, Wildchild or Professional) have small netting on both sides. One side is single netting so the ball behaves normally and comes straight back to you, yet the other side has two nets which overlap to create our wonderful INSANE rebounds which will send the ball in all kinds of direction testing your catching skills, and reactions to the limit and making for a load of fun whatever your age or ability!!

Then there’s our Double Trouble range which comes in the same sizes (Upstart, Wildchild and Professional) and has one side of small netting (the Crazy double netting so an INSANE reaction with a small ball) however on the reverse is larger netting which sends a large ball like a netball or football INSANE…. so double the trouble. There is also the Freestyle which is our brand new award winning handheld model, and again a great coaching aid for lots of sports!!

Size wise the Freestyle is smallest (52cm x 52cm) then the Upstart is a handy size for the home or garden or youngsters at (75cm x 75cm). Next comes our Wildchild and most popular model measuring up at 93cm x 93cm and finally the big one, the Professional, perfect for clubs and schools (148cm x 91cm)

Want more … Why not download our handy PDF guide!!!  Download

Classic vs Double Trouble?

Classic vs Double Trouble?

Want to see the Crazy Catch in action – take a look at some of our playlists on You Tube and get some great training ideas for your sport!!


Top 10 reasons why Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Christmas Present!

Christmas is only just over a month away now and our Crazy Catches have been selling super  fast amongst our network of top sports retailers. If you don’t know very much about our brilliantly bouncy rebound net and how you can use it to improve your game then check out our top 10 blog …

Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas Gift Idea

1. It’s Fun for all the Family

The Crazy Catch provides hours of family fun at home or endless numbers of training drills for sports teams. Once you have a go, you will want one and even your granny will get hooked!! Play inside or outside (just keep the fine china in the cupboard!)

2. The netting is so unique; it’s INSANE and springy

Crazy Catch is the market leader in rebound nets… ours are the very best you can buy! A very clever sheep farmer in New Zealand developed our unique INSANE net which makes the ball rebound off the net at all kinds of angles. Its a great way to improve your catching, or working on your reactions or just play some great games with your friends.

3. Whatever your sport, Improve your game

Crazy Catch can be used for pretty much every sport including Cricket, Football, Netball, Hockey and Rugby. Even if you can’t physically use the net for training eg- Badminton or Boxing, then you can improve your speed and agility, reactions, hand eye co-ordination, vision performance and injury rehabilitation with Crazy Catch. They are also great coaching aids for goalkeepers.

4. Used by top professional athletes

Crazy Catch is used by top international teams and professional athletes for example the England Cricket team,  the GB Men’s hockey team, Nathan Robertson (Olympic Silver Medalist), the England Women’s Netball team, Kelly Smith and they are available at the FA’s new HQ St Georges Park (see the photos)

5. Pick your perfect size

Introducing… The Freestyle, The Upstart, The Wildchild and The Professional …

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6. Classic range or Double Trouble – you decide!

Our classic range has small single netting on one side (SANE) and small INSANE netting on the other making them perfect for small ball sports like Cricket and Hockey.

Our double trouble range have small INSANE netting on one side but large INSANE netting on the other side which mean they are perfect for Football, Netball and Rugby. NB- A large ball will behave fairly normally on the INSANE small netting so that is great for repetition drills.

7. Portable and Adjustable

The Upstart, Wildchild and Professionals all have adjustable bars along the bottom so you can vary the angle of the rebound so you can have the ball popping up high in the air, or much lower towards the ground. They are lightweight and easy to carry so you can move them around during your session. The Professional also has the added benefit of clipping together horizontally and vertically and of course the frames themselves are strong and sturdy so will last you years.

8. What’s included?

The Crazy Catch Freestyle comes with a carry bag and handles (its very quick and easy to assemble). The Upstart and Wildchild’s both include a carry bag, vision ball, stopwatch and activity pack and come assembled. The Professional comes in a box and includes a vision ball, stopwatch and activity pack 🙂

9. Great for Christmas

We know from Santa himself that Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Christmas Present this year – everyone wants one, so don’t miss out, order yours today!!

10.  See for yourself…

Check out the Crazy Catch in action on You Tube and see what makes Crazy Catch, The Ultimate Rebound Net and how you can improve your skills!!!

LCCC Foundation Xmas Draw

Crazy Catch have kindly donated two of their Crazy Catch training machines to be used as bonus prizes in the LCCC Foundation Christmas Draw.

All cricket clubs that are selling the Xmas Prize Draw tickets will go in to a draw and one lucky club will receive a Crazy Catch Wild Child and a Crazy Catch Freestyle will be awarded to the club that sells the most tickets.

For further details about Crazy Catch products please visit Also below is a video with Peter Moores training with the Crazy Catch.

It will also be possible to purchase shortly a selection of Crazy Catch products at the Lancashire CCC online Kukri shop: Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Christmas Present for the cricket fan.

Rugby Coach Weekly editor reviews the Crazy Catch

The Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net and used to improve the hand eye co-ordination and reactions of top sportspeople. Today more and more Rugby teams are seeing the benefits of training with Crazy Catch and this video from Ram Rugby demonstrates some of the drills that you can do in your next training session…

In addition we have received this testimonial on the Wildchild Double Trouble and NEW HANDHELD Crazy Catch Freestyle from Rugby Coach Weekly…

Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble – “Brilliant for hand-eye coordination – you can use it with all sorts of different shapes of ball, plus specifically with a rugby ball. It makes the player work hard on their hand catch, pass and balance in a competitive way. I particularly liked the way it returns the ball at variable angles, a game-like randomness you would find hard to replicate by just passing the ball to the player. My players were constantly asking for the next time we were using the Crazy Catch net.”

Crazy catch Freestyle-“I found the Crazy Catch Freestyle ideal for training because it was easy to carry and set up. We used it for scrum half catch and passes plus line out reaction work in particular. It was also good for injured players who were at training. They could practise their catching and juggling skills. Much better fun than just passing a ball back and forth.”- Dan Cottrell (Editor, Rugby Coach Weekly)

RCW Logo

RCW Logo

For more information on the Crazy Catch range (we recommend the double trouble versions for rugby) – take a look at the Ram website at

Netball UK say #GoCrazy for Crazy Catch

Netball UK is your one-stop shop for everything netball… and joining forces with Crazy Catch they have launched a brand new competition to find the most Crazy Netball Club, Team or Player in the UK who will scoop a Crazy Catch training bundle worth £250.



To enter you simply need to send in a Crazy photo of your team either on or off the court (preferably incorporating the Crazy Catch into your fun!) to be in with a chance of winning over £250 of Crazy Catches of your choice for your club.

You have until the 28/11/2103 to enter your photo THEN we will pick 6 finalists who must get the most Facebook likes in a week to win the prize. To enter simply email your photo to or tweet it to @netballuk with the hashtag #gocrazy

To see the Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for netball – simply visit the Netball UK website and Good Luck!