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Performance Vision training with Harlequins

Crazy Catch are pleased to be associated with Zoe Wimshurst, Director of Performance Vision Ltd. Performance Vision Ltd specialises in providing unique visual training packages that are tailored to the specific demands of your chosen sport in this example it’s Rugby Union.

The video shows how Zoe works with elite players at Harlequins to first screen the general visual skills of an athlete followed by the incorporation of vision training into the athletes programme. Vision sessions then take the form of individual or small group sessions working on a particular visual skill or a particular weakness of the athlete as shown here with Ross Chisholm and Tom Williams.

Zoe uses the Crazy Catch range of rebound nets in much of her work with performance teams – indeed any sport where you need to improve your reaction speed or pick up lots of information in a short period of time then vision training with Crazy Catch can really help with those skills. This work can be done with both fully fit athletes or those recovering from injury – Zoe says ” Its a great way of keeping your eyes and mind sharp with those players who are unable to participate in physical training”

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#FIELDINGFUN – Week 1 Close Catching

Welcome to week one of Fielding Fun – a place where you will find new fielding resources each Friday for the next few weeks. We will have coaching tips, fielding games, special celebrity guest appearances, competitions and lots of Crazy Catch fun to get your fielding skills sharp just in time for the new cricket season…

Close Catching Tips

Close Catching Tips

First up we have Close Catching ….

Tips for taking close up catches:

  1. Your knees should be flexed (bent) with your feet roughly shoulder width apart.
  2. Your weight should be evenly distributed.
  3. Your hands should be together with fingers pointing down.
  4. When the ball is caught your hands should give into the body.
  5. Keep your head steady with your eyes level. Watch the ball… all times!

This cartoon features the Crazy Catch Upstart classic which is the perfect portable size for playing in the garden with your friends this Easter. Use the SANE side to start with then as you improve test your agility and reactions further on the INSANE side where the ball will rebound in all different directions. Why not see how many catches you can take in a minute and let us know how you get on?? Like us on Facebook or Tweet @CrazyCatch1

Next Friday in #fieldingfun we will have a video of a new fun catching game!

Flicx UK adds RESPONSEBALL to its portfolio of innovative training aids

Flicx UK is delighted to announce that it has added RESPONSEBALL® to its exciting portfolio of high quality, fun, innovative and unique training aids that will improve your sporting skills. The agreement reached between the two companies will commence on the 1st March with Flicx UK taking on responsibility for all sales and marketing, customer service, account management, orders and dispatch from its rural Northamptonshire base.



RESPONSEBALL’s specialist range of innovative training balls provides numerous benefits to the UK sports market. Its unique design (protected by trademark, registered design and patent pending) makes it the only ball in the world to provide a combination of regular and irregular flight and bounce. This makes it the perfect training ball for co-ordination, reaction and motor skills training with huge appeal to coaches, clubs and schools. The current range includes training balls for football, futsal and netball, with other new products on the horizon.

Like Flicx UK’s existing brands, Crazy Catch and the new 2G Flicx Pitch, this acquisition fits in with the company’s current distribution strategy via retailers rather than direct to the end consumer. This strategy has proved hugely successful for the company in the past few years having built strong relationships with key accounts, as well as providing bespoke digital marketing support which have seen sales soar. This support, combined with the quality and performance of the RESPONBSEBALL product, makes it an exciting proposition for the team at Flicx UK. Speaking about the agreement Flicx UK Managing Director Richard Beghin said “We are excited about the prospect of developing the RESPONSEBALL brand which already has a great reputation in the marketplace. The product perfectly fits our existing portfolio of offering unique, fun, innovative, high quality sporting products and we look forward to the next stage in the brands development”

Inventor and RESPONSEBALL owner Glenn Robertson will remain involved with the brand in a consultancy capacity focusing particularly on product development. Glenn commented “No matter what level you play, from social to professional, RESPONSEBALL helps you to succeed. I am thrilled to be working with Flicx UK now and with their expertise I am hugely positive we can take the RESPONSEBALL brand to the next level and grow the sales significantly in this exciting year for football.”

For more information about retailing the RESPONSEBALL range, please contact Flicx UK Sales Manager Gary Luke on 01295 816765 or email