#FIELDINGFUN – Week 1 Close Catching

Welcome to week one of Fielding Fun – a place where you will find new fielding resources each Friday for the next few weeks. We will have coaching tips, fielding games, special celebrity guest appearances, competitions and lots of Crazy Catch fun to get your fielding skills sharp just in time for the new cricket season…

Close Catching Tips

Close Catching Tips

First up we have Close Catching ….

Tips for taking close up catches:

  1. Your knees should be flexed (bent) with your feet roughly shoulder width apart.
  2. Your weight should be evenly distributed.
  3. Your hands should be together with fingers pointing down.
  4. When the ball is caught your hands should give into the body.
  5. Keep your head steady with your eyes level. Watch the ball…..at all times!

This cartoon features the Crazy Catch Upstart classic which is the perfect portable size for playing in the garden with your friends this Easter. Use the SANE side to start with then as you improve test your agility and reactions further on the INSANE side where the ball will rebound in all different directions. Why not see how many catches you can take in a minute and let us know how you get on?? Like us on Facebook or Tweet @CrazyCatch1

Next Friday in #fieldingfun we will have a video of a new fun catching game!


2 thoughts on “#FIELDINGFUN – Week 1 Close Catching

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