Performance Vision training with Harlequins

Crazy Catch are pleased to be associated with Zoe Wimshurst, Director of Performance Vision Ltd. Performance Vision Ltd specialises in providing unique visual training packages that are tailored to the specific demands of your chosen sport in this example it’s Rugby Union.

The video shows how Zoe works with elite players at Harlequins to first screen the general visual skills of an athlete followed by the incorporation of vision training into the athletes programme. Vision sessions then take the form of individual or small group sessions working on a particular visual skill or a particular weakness of the athlete as shown here with Ross Chisholm and Tom Williams.

Zoe uses the Crazy Catch range of rebound nets in much of her work with performance teams – indeed any sport where you need to improve your reaction speed or pick up lots of information in a short period of time then vision training with Crazy Catch can really help with those skills. This work can be done with both fully fit athletes or those recovering from injury – Zoe says ” Its a great way of keeping your eyes and mind sharp with those players who are unable to participate in physical training”

For more on Performance Vision – see
For Quins Rugby – see
For Crazy Catch see or here for 100 Club retailers in the UK


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