Not giving in with Maddie Hinch and Crazy Catch

Great piece by Scoop Hockey – Take a look!!

Scoop | Online Hockey Magazine

There’s no denying it, field hockey is constantly evolving.  Year on year it becomes more dramatic, more diverse, faster, more skilled and more entertaining.  With this, players are training more, playing harder and wanting that win more than ever.

This is especially true for goalkeepers who have to maintain a high level of fitness, strength and agility to make sure that ball stays out of their net, whatever happens.  Their goal is to make sure you don’t score yours.

Watch this awesome video featuring England Hockey’s very own goalkeeper extraordinaire Maddie Hinch who is already making waves on the pitch during this fascinating Rabobank Hockey World Cup at The Hague, Netherlands.

The video’s soundtrack is the apt ‘Not Giving In’ by Rudimental, which hightens the drama around the majestic saves made by Maddie during a training session whilst using Crazy Catch’s array of deflection nets.

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