#RHWC2014 – Maddie Hinch and Crazy Catch are “Not Giving In”

Crazy Catch are delighted to launch our new #RHWC2014 video “Not Giving In” staring England & GB Women’s goalkeeper Maddie Hinch. The video profiles the Crazy Catch range for hockey made up of the Professional Classic, Wildchild Classic, Upstart Classic and the new handheld Freestyle … Not only are these high quality rebound nets great fun to use, they also help goalies develop their speed and agility, enabling them to improve their reactions and pull off some of the outstanding saves demonstrated by Maddie.

The products have infinite uses and are also increasingly used by outfield players to improve their first touch and receiving skills as well as 3D skills, deflections and rebounds. The video was shot at Bisham Abbey using a mixture of static and Go Pro camera’s which allow you to see the save through the eyes of the keeper and gain a real appreciation for the completely INSANE rebounds unique to Crazy Catch – The Ultimate Rebound Net.

Crazy Catch is available from all leading hockey retailers … Get yours ahead of the new season!


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