Northants CC host presentation for global catching champion Stefan Vass

On Friday, during the toss for the T20 fixture between Northampton Steelbacks and Derbyshire, Stefan Vass of Crazy Catch fame received his cheque for winning the U17’s global One Minute Challenge competition.

Stefan Vass is presented with his cheque by Steelbacks captain Kyle Coetzer

Stefan Vass is presented with his cheque by Steelbacks captain Kyle Coetzer

The Crazy Catch One Minute Challenge involves throwing and catching a ball off the INSANE side of a Crazy Catch rebound net, as many times as you can in a minute. With the ball taking an unpredictable path, lightening quick reactions and great hand eye co-ordination and concentration is required. Moulton College graduate Stefan managed to score 72 last year which saw him win the junior category being only a few catches shy of the overall highest score in the adults competition.

Stefan puts his talents down to hours of practice and his badminton skills, where he has represented the county. “Crazy Catch is a great way for me to sharpen up my reactions which has definitely helped me to improve my badminton skills. The one minute challenge is pretty addictive and I have been trying to beat my top score ever since the competition started. It’s great to win the junior category and be presented with my prize by the Steelbacks captain… It was a great game too”

On behalf of Crazy Catch, Marketing Manager Kate Costin said ” Stefan is a real catching star and his speed and consistency is truly amazing to watch. We have put him up against many ex pros cricketers like Paul Nixon and Alex Tudor and he always wins. We are grateful to NCCC for hosting the presentation and wish them all the best for the rest of the season – if they ever need a stand in fielder with safe hands – they know where to come now!”


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