The Art of Saving chooses Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch is pleased to work with the UK’s number one recommended Goalkeeping Academy, The Art of Saving  which is directed and led by Mick Payne (Qualified A licence holder and official England C team goalkeeping coach). Our link up came as a result of contact from Crazy Catch retailers Just Keepers who have been supporting the Art of Saving for a number of years.

This summer, Crazy  Catch were invited along and the 100+ keepers were able to use the Crazy Catch range as part of their residential camp. Feedback was excellent on the products performance and application for a number of goalkeeping skills both using the SANE or INSANE side.


The Art of Saving with Mick Payne

The Art of Saving goalkeepers were so impressed with the Crazy Catch products. Our keepers really felt it improved their technical work and many of them wanted to use them time and time again. A really great product for goalkeepers of all ages and abilities” – Mick Payne

We look forward to a continued partnership with Mick and his team and for more information on future courses please visit


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