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Stocking Fillers from Crazy Catch

The Crazy Catch Freestyle makes a great little stocking filler… it can be used for pretty much any sport to develop skills or work on reactions plus its a very handy coaching aid to ensure an accurate feed in drills.

The Crazy Catch - Freestyle

The Crazy Catch – Freestyle

The Freestyle is 52x52cm and is very lightweight and portable … As well as sport, its also just a great fun product to use so is perfect for the garden. We also have a range of vision training balls which help develop catching skills and hand eye co-ordination … these are all also available from our CRAZY CATCH retailers (locate a retailer)


A case study from a leading hockey coach – MT13 & Crazy Catch

Leading hockey coaching provider MT13 offers fun and innovative Coach Education Courses, 1 – 1 Tuition, Residential / 2 Day Coaching Camps and Coaching Clinics. The company was founded, by ex England International Matt Taylor (MT) who also is the Director of Hockey at Beeston Hockey Club who are considered one of the best teams in the country and in recent years have been one of the most successful … being reigning NOW Pensions Men’s Hockey league champions with a number of their stars in the international set up.

Matt Taylor was introduced to Crazy Catch a few years ago now and uses them across the spectrum of players that he coaches for a wide variety of purposes.  For outfield players Crazy Catch adds an element of unpredictability into training sessions as well as improving a wide variety of core skills as you can see in this video feature GB + England captain Barry Middleton using the ultimate rebound net to improve his close up finishing.

Speaking about the product which is available to buy from leading hockey retailer Matt said “Crazy Catch products transform any drill. The fun element is obvious but more importantly they help sharpen players reactions and allow players to replicate rebound situations in a controlled and safe manner. A must for any coach! ”

The Crazy Catch Classic range for hockey is available in 4 sizes including our newest handheld model called the Freestyle (orange) which is a great coaching aid.

Click the image to watch our video featuring Maddie Hinch – Not Giving In


Which is the right Crazy Catch for me this Christmas??

The elves at Crazy Catch HQ have been receiving a number of phone calls and emails recently from customers looking to buy a Crazy Catch but quite not sure which would be the best model for their needs… so here is a little blog to explain the difference between our Classic Range and Double Trouble range and the different sizes available…

Classic range 403

The Classic range – for small ball sports like cricket, tennis and hockey


Put simply we recommend the Classic Range for small ball sports like cricket and hockey and the Double Troubles for large ball sports like football, netball and rugby. This is because the Classics (available as either an Upstart, Wildchild or Professional) have small netting on both sides. One side is single netting so the ball behaves normally and comes straight back to you, yet the other side has two nets which overlap to create our wonderful INSANE rebounds which will send the ball in all kinds of direction testing your catching skills, and reactions to the limit and making for a load of fun whatever your age or ability!!

DT range 403

The Double Trouble range with 2 insane sides for big ball sports like Football, Rugby and Netball


Then there’s our Double Trouble range which comes in the same sizes (Upstart, Wildchild and Professional) and has one side of small netting (the Crazy double netting so an INSANE reaction with a small ball) however on the reverse is larger netting which sends a large ball like a netball or football INSANE…. so double the trouble. There is also the Freestyle which is our brand new award winning handheld model, and again a great coaching aid for lots of sports!!

Size wise the Freestyle is smallest (52cm x 52cm) then the Upstart is a handy size for the home or garden or youngsters at (75cm x 75cm). Next comes our Wildchild and most popular model measuring up at 93cm x 93cm and finally the big one, the Professional, perfect for clubs and schools (148cm x 91cm)

Want more … Why not download our handy PDF guide!!!  Download

Want to see the Crazy Catch in action – take a look at some of our playlists on You Tube and get some great training ideas for your sport!!

The Crazy Catch reviewed and approved by customers of The Store Store –

Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net for footballers… It can be used to develop various skills including first touch, control, volleys etc then for goalkeepers its handling, claiming crosses, shot stopping, reactions and agility and the number of drills is endless. Crazy Catch is the number 1 training aid for all ages – from beginners learning the game right up to professionals BUT don’t just take our word for it … here are some product reviews from the Soccer Store customers – you can find all these on their website

“Birthday present for my 8 year old son …. He loves it and I can’t get him in from the garden!
Excellent quality, very robust.”


Connor Hunt and coach Andy Fairman training with the Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble


“This is used as a catching aid for all players from U9 all the way through to our seniors. It can be used in a variety of ways so is very versatile and is well made and robust. Would recommend to anyone”

“Great fun in the back yard; my child is enjoying being able to play with a variety of different ball sizes – he especially loves the crazy catch ball that came with the net.”

“The quality of this product is superb. My under 14’s use it and its used by my goalkeepers all the way down to under 7’s to deliver varying shots/crosses etc. Would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to help their goalkeepers develop. It helping me to develop as well!!”

“Bought for my son’s football team, really useful bit of kit especially for goalkeeper training”

“Used for football training and tennis, my kids love it!” Fab!

SS DT range twitter


The Crazy Catch for football comes in four distinct models, – the new handheld freestyle which is a great coaching aid… then the 3 freestanding units from the Upstart Double Trouble which is great for small gardens up to our best selling Wildchild Double Trouble then for clubs and schools, we have the Professional Double Trouble which clips together both horizontally and vertically. The Double Troubles have two INSANE sides including one side with larger netting which produces a really INSANE rebound which tests your skills.

To see the product in action – just visit the Crazy Catch You Tube channel where you can see the likes of  Everton, West Brom, Leicester City and other top clubs, players and coaches using the Crazy Catch to improve their goalkeeping … WATCH NOW and with Christmas coming up its certain that for all footballers – all they want for Christmas is a Crazy Catch

All I want for Christmas is a Crazy Catch – here’s our top 10 reasons why!

Christmas is less than three weeks away now and our Crazy Catches have been selling super  fast amongst our network of top sports retailers. If you don’t know very much about our brilliantly bouncy rebound net and how you can use it to improve your game then check out this top 10 blog …

The Crazy Catch - top 10 reasons blog

The Crazy Catch – top 10 reasons blog

1. It’s Fun for all the Family

The Crazy Catch provides hours of family fun at home or endless numbers of training drills for sports teams. Once you have a go, you will want one and even your granny will get hooked!! Play inside or outside (just keep the fine china in the cupboard!)

2. The netting is so unique; it’s INSANE and springy

Crazy Catch is the market leader in rebound nets… ours are the very best you can buy! A very clever sheep farmer in New Zealand developed our unique INSANE net which makes the ball rebound off the net at all kinds of angles. Its a great way to improve your catching, or working on your reactions or just play some great games with your friends.

3. Whatever your sport, Improve your game

Crazy Catch can be used for pretty much every sport including Cricket, Football, Tennis, Netball, Hockey and Rugby. Even if you can’t physically use the net for training eg- Badminton or Boxing, then you can improve your speed and agility, reactions, hand eye co-ordination, vision performanceand injury rehabilitation with Crazy Catch. They are also great coaching aids for goalkeepers.

4. Used by top professional athletes

Crazy Catch is used by top international teams and professional athletes for example the England Cricket team,  the GB Men’s hockey team, Nathan Robertson (Olympic Silver Medalist), the England Women’s Netball team, Everton FC, Kelly Smith and they are available at the FA’s new HQ St Georges Park (see the photos)

5. Pick your perfect size

Introducing… The Freestyle (52X52cm), The Upstart (75x75cm), The Wildchild (93x93cm) and The Professional (148x91cm)…

6. Classic range or Double Trouble – you decide!

Our classic range has small single netting on one side (SANE) and small INSANE netting on the other making them perfect for small ball sports like Cricket and Hockey.

Our double trouble range have small INSANE netting on one side but large INSANE netting on the other side which mean they are perfect for Football, Netball and Rugby. NB- A large ball will behave fairly normally on the INSANE small netting so that is great for repetition drills.

7. Portable and Adjustable

The Upstart, Wildchild and Professionals all have adjustable bars along the bottom so you can vary the angle of the rebound so you can have the ball popping up high in the air, or much lower towards the ground. They are lightweight and easy to carry so you can move them around during your session. The Professional also has the added benefit of clipping together horizontally and vertically and of course the frames themselves are strong and sturdy so will last you years.

8. What’s included?

The Crazy Catch Freestyle comes with a carry bag and handles (its very quick and easy to assemble). The Upstart and Wildchild’s both include a carry bag, vision ball, stopwatch and activity pack and come assembled. The Professional comes in a box and includes a vision ball, stopwatch and activity pack 🙂

9. Great for Christmas

We know from Santa himself that Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Christmas Present this year – everyone wants one, so don’t miss out, order yours today!! Buy from your favourite retailer or our 100 club of top Crazy Catch retailers

10.  See for yourself…

Check out the Crazy Catch in action on You Tube and see what makes Crazy Catch, The Ultimate Rebound Net and how you can improve your skills!!!

Flintoff signed shirt competition – T+C’s

Our current competition to win a Andrew Flintoff signed Barmy Army shirt will be hosted by the following companies … Owzat Cricket, Crazy Catch and Activate Sport ( the Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy). It will run on both twitter and facebook sites and all the addresses you need are below…

To enter you simply need to either RT on twitter or LIKE and SHARE on facebook. The winner will be selected randomly from all of the entries on Monday 8th December at 10am

Crazy Catch is delighted to continue our partnership with the Flintoff Academy and their preferred retailer Owzat Cricket. The Ultimate Rebound net is used extensively on the courses and is a great way to sharpen your skills at home. Crazy Catch has two different sizes – the SANE or the INSANE side where the ball comes back at completely unpredictable angles which is a great fun way to improve your fielding skills. Take a look at the product in action ….

Crazy Catch is available to buy this Christmas and is in stock at Owzat Cricket

Classic range at Owzat

Classic range at Owzat

What makes Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net, award winning?? And a great Christmas present idea …

Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound net, this year scooped “Most Innovative Product” at the Sports Trade Awards 2014 as voted by the UK Sports Trade (Read More) We might be biased but we think the Crazy Catch is a truly amazing product and so here is our top 5 reasons why Crazy Catch is in a league of its own this Christmas…

The Classic range for small ball sports...

The Classic range for small ball sports…

The double trouble range for big ball sports...

The double trouble range for big ball sports…

  1. It’s totally INSANE – The quality of the Crazy Catch range is what sets it apart from other rebound nets on the market AND we have our unique patented INSANE net technology. To cut a long story short a sheep farmer in New Zealand who invented Crazy Catch discovered that when 2 sheets of netting overlap that a ball rebounds at all different, crazy angles. This is what makes the Crazy Catch so different and means it really tests your reactions and speed whilst being super fun! There is the SANE side too which is great for repetition training or if you don’t want so much craziness.
  2. It’s versatile – The number of uses for Crazy Catch is endless. Its suitable for all ages and abilities and pretty much any sport that requires reactions… more on that later! The adjustable bar means you can alter the angle and its lightweight and portable so you can easily move it around in training sessions.
  3. It will improve your game, whatever your sport – Crazy Catch is used and loved by many top international athletes and professional teams including the England Cricket Team, St Georges Park, England Netball, Olympic Silver medallist Nathan Robertson, Maddie Hinch and the GB men’s and women’s Hockey teams and various premiership Rugby sides. We have tons of ideas and drill suggestions on our You Tube channel so for inspiration do take a look. The few benefits that the product will provide would include faster reactions, increased speed and agility, first touch and control in sports like football and hockey, hand eye co-ordination and catching skills in cricket.
  4. The hidden benefits – There are a couple of hidden benefits too as pointed out by some leading sports professionals and academics. Firstly leading eye specialist have been using Crazy Catch to improve and train vision performance. The eye is a powerful muscle which needs to be trained like any other one as outlined by the work of Dr Zoe Wimshurst. Using the Crazy Catch is great for improving peripheral vision which in turn helps you to see more in the game. Its the small improvements that at the top level can make all the difference – plus its great for injury rehab and keeping your mind active. We also supply Crazy Catch to a number of schools, its a great way to teach kids how to catch and develop their physical literacy skills. (See our new Millfield video)
  5. The fun factor – Crazy Catch is also a great product for the home and encourages kids to be outside playing. It really does provide hours of fun! Plus the Crazy Catch comes with an activity pack and stopwatch so you can do the one minute challenge and lots of other fun games which are great to play with your friends and family.

Buying Advice – If you play Cricket or Hockey we recommend the Crazy Catch Classic range, but if you prefer sports like football and netball, the Double Troubles would be best for you – these have larger netting on one side so even with a larger ball there is still a totally INSANE rebound.(Which is the right Crazy Catch for me?) 

Crazy Catch is available to buy in time for Christmas from a number of leading sports equipment retailers… take a look online now!