Flintoff signed shirt competition – T+C’s

Our current competition to win a Andrew Flintoff signed Barmy Army shirt will be hosted by the following companies … Owzat Cricket, Crazy Catch and Activate Sport ( the Andrew Flintoff Cricket Academy). It will run on both twitter and facebook sites and all the addresses you need are below…

To enter you simply need to either RT on twitter or LIKE and SHARE on facebook. The winner will be selected randomly from all of the entries on Monday 8th December at 10am

Crazy Catch is delighted to continue our partnership with the Flintoff Academy and their preferred retailer Owzat Cricket. The Ultimate Rebound net is used extensively on the courses and is a great way to sharpen your skills at home. Crazy Catch has two different sizes – the SANE or the INSANE side where the ball comes back at completely unpredictable angles which is a great fun way to improve your fielding skills. Take a look at the product in action ….

Crazy Catch is available to buy this Christmas and is in stock at Owzat Cricket

Classic range at Owzat

Classic range at Owzat


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