Me and My Crazy Catch – J4K goalkeeper training drills especially for aspiring young keepers

Me and My Crazy Catch is a series of 3 videos brought to you by J4Ktv featuring Jack – an aspiring young goalkeeper. The videos feature various ideas and drills which are perfect for training at home in the garden with your Crazy Catch … Jack is using our most popular model for football, the Wildchild Double Trouble.

Part 1 – Handling and Footwork

Part 2 – Diving

Part 3 – Reactions

The Crazy Catch is a unique training product with the Wildchild Double Trouble having two different net sizes – one smaller which is great for a more repetitive drill where a consistent feed is required, whilst the reverse is more INSANE and is great for reaction saves and adding unpredictability into your training sessions. The great thing about all these J4K drills is that you can train alone, with very little space required – just add a ball and a Crazy Catch and have fun improving your game.

For more information about J4K coaching in your area visit their website


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