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Improve your football skills with Crazy Catch and Improtech Soccer

You might have seen Crazy Catch being used by top goalkeepers as a training aid but did you know it also has many different uses for outfield players. In our latest video, filmed with Improtech Soccer academy based in the North East,  the coaches spend a great deal of time developing technical aspects of the players games which is where the Crazy Catches come in. The product is used extensively and most of the boys have one at home so they can keep practising away from the session too.

In this short video we see the boys working on their first touch, using the inside, outside and front of their feet as well as practising cushioned volleys and control where the insane side of the Crazy Catch can create an unpredictable rebound which can challenge the first touch of even professional players! Many of the boys at the academy train 18 hours a week at the Keiper Academy with the results being evident in their ability and the fact that many pf the players are also on the books at local clubs including Newcastle United, Middlesborough, Sunderland and Hartlepool.

Improtech Soccer and Crazy Catch - The Ultimate Rebound Net

Improtech Soccer and Crazy Catch – The Ultimate Rebound Net

The possibilities for integrating the Crazy Catch into training sessions is limitless and its a great fun product to use either training at home alone or with a larger group in a club environment. Train INSANE or remain with same with Crazy Catch, the award winning rebound net and the only product on the market with patented net technology.

The Crazy Catch is available from all leading Soccer retailers including Pro Direct Soccer, Clubline Football, The Soccer Store and Total Sport NE and Just Keepers


QPR goalkeeping coach Paul Crichton reviews the Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch are delighted to add QPR to their roster of professional football clubs actively using the Crazy Catch in their training sessions. QPR first team goalkeeper coach Paul Crichton was introduced to us by Lee Kendal, goalkeeper coach with the England Women’s team and after demonstrating the product at their training base in Hayes, Paul was quickly sold on the product with a huge number of drill ideas immediately springing to his mind.

Working with U21 goalkeepers Joe Lumley and Conor Hudnott, the video analysis team at QPR filmed this video for us which demonstrates a number of handling, reaction and distribution drills using the Ultimate Rebound Net. Both Paul and his assistant Dean Thorton were hugely impressed with Crazy Catch and since we met have been using the product extensively with all the goalkeepers from the first team down throughout all the youth teams at the club with the players all responding to this fun, innovative piece of kit

“The Crazy Catch is a really good tool and we have incorporated it into a number of our drills at QPR. With younger goalkeepers its perfect for coaching basic goalkeeping shapes and positioning as you have the security of a really consistent rebound. In more complex drills with the older keepers it adds another server which means you have a second and third phase save which is vital plus the INSANE side can really test their reactions. Crossing sessions, distribution sessions and fitness sessions can all be taken to another level with Crazy Catch so they are such a useful piece of equipment for us” – Paul Crichton

The Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for Football

The Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for Football

It’s Crazy Catch Football Month this October so stay tuned for lots more new videos and competitions as well as some great offers from our retailers. Buy now at all leading soccer and sports retailers and whatever your sport, improve your game, with Crazy Catch.