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Win a Crazy Catch for Christmas with the Soccer Store

The Crazy Catch is one of the most popular sporting Christmas gifts at the Soccer Store and the perfect way to have fun and improve your footballing skills. Enter the competition now to be in with a chance of winning one of our best-selling Crazy Catch models, the Wildchild Double Trouble (which will be delivered to the winners home in time for Christmas).

Enter to win yourself a Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble

Enter to win yourself a Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble

The innovative Crazy Catch has two different sides – a SANE side with small netting to work on your control and technique and the INSANE side which is much more unpredictable and will really improve your game!! (or choose the classic range for small netting on both sides). Watch our latest #ReindeerTraining animation for football now

The award winning Ultimate Rebound Net range is used by professionals to improve their skills and will add variety and fun to any training session. Develop your first touch, passing accuracy and work on your shooting and volleying technique or for goalkeepers, practice your reaction saves, shot stopping, handling and develop your distribution skills. Crazy Catch means you can train alone or create fun games to play anywhere with your friends.

SHOP NOW FOR CRAZY CATCH PRODUCTS AT THE SOCCER STORE  > … It really is this year’s perfect sporting Christmas gift!!


#ReindeerTraining episode four: Crazy Catch for football with DC Freestyle

Daniel Cutting is a world renowned Professional Football Freestyler and FIVE-TIME Guinness
World Record Holder!! Crazy Catch have enlisted the help of DC Freestyle for the fourth episode of their #ReindeerTraining programme, getting Rudolph and co ready for the big Christmas delivery. This session see’s them attempt a popular footballing trick shot “the bin challenge” which is great for their team spirit! Watch and see how they get on …

Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net for Football … use it to add fun and variety to your training and take your skills to the next level. Develop your first touch, passing accuracy, volleying, control and various technical elements of your game with the great benefit of being able to train alone or get creative and practice with your friends. In addition the Crazy Catch is hugely popular as a goalkeeping training aid and is used by various professional clubs including Real Madrid, Everton and QPR. See how Crazy Catch can be used for outfield players in the video below with Improtech Soccer.

Crazy Catch makes the perfect Christmas gift for any footballer – choose from the Double Trouble range starting with the largest, the Professional down to our starter model, the Upstart Double Trouble. The Double Trouble means it has two INSANE side (compared to our classic range for small ball sports) with small netting on one side and larger netting on the back … this larger netting produces an unpredictable rebound even with a football, which tests your reactions and first touch to the max! Train INSANE or remain the same 🙂

The Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for Football

The Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for Football

#ReindeerTraining episode three: Crazy Catch for cricket with Hoggy and Nico

After a tough bootcamp with Gail Emms (watch) and a present delivery masterclass netball stylee with Sasha Corbin (watch), Rudolph and Co have been trying their hand at cricket in a bid to sharpen their hand eye co-ordination and reaction catching skills- all vital ahead of their present delivery marathon on Christmas eve. Ashes winning Matthew Hoggard and Paul Nixon, the legendary England wicketkeeper put our Reindeer’s through their paces of course bringing out the Crazy Catch to take their skills to the next level with some amazing results!! Watch #ReindeerTraining episode three for cricket!

Crazy Catch is hugely popular in cricket with many international teams and players using the product. You can see lots of drills and ideas on our You Tube channel – in particular watch our Ashes Fielding Challenge from the summer which was a series of games between Nick Compton and Joe Burns representing England and Australia respectably. Crazy Catch is the perfect present for cricketers of all ages and ability this Christmas and comes in a choice of four sizes.

The Crazy Catch Classic range for Cricket

The Crazy Catch Classic range for Cricket

Buy instore from leading cricket retailers or online – some great deals out there. Happy #ReindeerTraining everyone and look out for more animations coming soon from Crazy Catch – the Ultimate Rebound Net.

#ReindeerTraining episode two: Crazy Catch for netball with Sasha Corbin

After a gruelling bootcamp, our Reindeer are gradually getting their fitness back ahead of their big job on Christmas eve. Now for our next animation, we have enlisted the help of England Netballer Sasha Corbin who will help develop some reaction catching skills so the presents can be delivered down each chimney in record quick time…

Use the SANE side for developing your skills then flip over to the INSANE side to test your agility and reactions even further – taking your game to the next level, just like our ambassador Sasha. If you missed our video with her from earlier in the year, see how the Ultimate Rebound Net can improve your netball skills… train alone or have fun with your team mates with this award winning piece of training kit.

For netball choose from the Crazy Catch Double Trouble range which has small netting on the front and large netting on the back for a completely unpredictable return with a netball. You will be amazed, how fast the ball comes back and the possibilities are endless in terms of adding variety to your netball training.

The perfect gift for all netball players this Christmas

The perfect gift for all netball players this Christmas

Available to buy from all leading netball and sports retailers including Netball UK and the “I heart England Netball store” OR if you fancy being in with a chance of winning one, just check out the latest competition from our friends over at Gilbert Netball. All you need to do is create your #CrazyCatchPhrase … the winning suggestion will also feature on your very own Go Crazy Netball

#ReindeerTraining episode one: Crazy Catch fitness boot camp with Gail Emms

Ever wondered what Santa’s reindeer get up to outside of their one evening a years hard graft, pulling the sleigh and delivering presents all around the world to all the good girls and boys???

Well let us let you into a little secret … they don’t do much at all!!! Well they eat too much and slob around the North Pole and generally become very overweight and lazy!! That is why Crazy  Catch have been enlisted to get them all into shape and ensure their reactions and skills are up to scratch with the help of our celebrity elf trainers. First up is badminton Olympic silver medallist and winner of Eternal Glory,  Gail Emms who will be supervising a very tough boot camp for our reindeer’s … Watch our first #ReindeerTraining animation below!

As you can see the Crazy Catch can be used to develop the strength, speed, agility and reactions of athletes and its the perfect piece of kit for gyms, PT’s and anyone looking to improve their general fitness. Develop your hand eye co-ordination and use the Crazy Catch to add something different to your circuits or to sharpen your reactions … its a great piece of kit and great fun to use plus its the perfect sporting gift this Christmas

A gruelling boot camp to kick of #ReindeerTraining

A gruelling boot camp to kick of #ReindeerTraining

The Crazy Catch comes in 4 sizes, the Professional, Wildchild, Upstart or the Freestyle… choose the classic range for small ball sports like cricket and hockey or the double trouble range for big ball sports like football and netball and for multi sport use. Whatever your age or ability, test yourself and improve your game with the INSANE rebound of the Ultimate Rebound Net. Available from all leading sports retailers … shop on-line or in-store.

The story of #ReindeerTraining, the Christmas campaign from Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net

This year, Crazy Catch – the Ultimate Rebound Net, is telling our take on the Christmas Story… a kind of prelude or behind the scene’s tour of the North Pole in the run up to Christmas. #ReindeerTraining highlights the plight of Santa’s four legged helpers and their journey from lazy, unmotivated, overweight reindeer’s into a fast, lean, mean delivering machine for the all-important present delivery marathon. It’s a big job, with lots of good boys and girls counting on them so the reindeer’s will need to develop their reactions, teamwork, speed, agility & strength which of course is where the Crazy Catch comes in!!!



A series of fun, festive animations will be released in the run up to Christmas to chart the progress of Rudolph and co as they are put through their paces by our athlete ambassadors who will act as the elf trainers. Rudolph and co will undertake a tough boot camp this Friday run by Badminton Olympic silver medallist Gail Emms, followed by sports specific training in cricket, football, netball, hockey and rugby, to ensure their skills get up to speed in time for Christmas eve and the big Christmas delivery. Our celebrity trainers will include Sasha Corbin, Maddie Hinch, Matthew Hoggard and DC Freestyle as well as some other special guests still to be announced.

The animations will be backed up with in-store posters, web banners, social media graphics (including some animated GIF’s) which you will be able to see on all Crazy Catch retailers pages’ and by following us on Social Media @CrazyCatchUK … use the #ReindeerTraining to get involved in all the festive fun.