The Crazy Catch was invented by New Zealand sheep farmer Andrew Sinclair who discovered that overlaying 2 nets created an “insane” reaction. This “insane” side along with a single net creating a “sane” reaction was made into a a-frame style product called the Crazy Catch which instantly became a hit in the cricket market as a training aid for catching which also improves your reflexes and footwork. The Crazy Catch is a versatile product and can be used in a group or individually on any surface. It also uniquely caters for players of all ages and abilities and is great fun to use.

New Crazy Catch models have subsequently been developed with 4 distinct sizes for different markets – The Professional for clubs and schools, the Wildchild our midrange bestseller, the upstart which is great for the garden and our great fun handheld model the Freestyle. In addition the Double Trouble range now has 2 insane sides and is perfect for Netball, Rugby and Football as it creates an insane rebound with a larger ball. So whatever your sport, you can improve your game with the ultimate rebound net distributed in the UK by Flicx UK. www.flicx.co.uk

Not sure which is the right Crazy Catch for you? Download this handy sport by sport guide…

Take a look at the global Crazy Catch website at http://www.crazycatch.com


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