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How well does James Haskell know James Haskell?? Crazy Catch Water bomb challenge

New Crazy Catch Ambassador James Haskell, filmed a game of how well does James Haskell know James Haskell with hilarious results …

In the New Year, Crazy Catch will be sharing some new Rugby and Fitness drills filmed with James using the Ultimate Rebound Net! From beginners to top professionals the INSANE bounce off the Crazy Catch will really challenge your skills and help you to improve, whatever your sport. Follow us on social media to be the first to see the new videos …

James Haskell and the Crazy Catch Freestyle

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Create more exciting warm ups with Crazy Catch | Will Greenwood & Maidenhead Rugby examples

If you feel like you are just going through the paces in your warm ups, then you need Crazy Catch. Add excitement and immediately get your reactions sharp and your hand-eye co-ordination in play ahead of your game or training session. You can also use Crazy Catch for some high intensity team games and challenges to development camaraderie and communication skills.

Take a look at these couple of examples posted on 2003 Rugby World Cup winner, Will Greenwood’s instagram page … here he is with the lads from Maidenhead Rugby but these and similar drills work just as well in other sports. Get creative and share your drills @CrazyCatchUK

React in life – React @crazycatchuk

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These warm up videos even got spotted by Vision Performance specialist Zoe Wimshurst who added her endorsement too

Crazy Catch is available for leading Rugby retailers including Barrington Sports and Pro Direct Rugby 

#ReindeerTraining episode six: Crazy Catch for rugby with Will Greenwood and Austin Healey

Next up to try their hand at #ReindeerTraining are England Rugby legends Will Greenwood and Austin Healey. Will and Austin are on hand to help the Crazy Catch reindeer pack the sleigh in time for Christmas – using Crazy Catch to make it quicker and much more fun.

Crazy Catch is becoming more and more popular in Rugby. It was used as a vision training tool by Sir Clive Woodward’s Rugby World Cup winning side of 2003, plus also as a reaction training aid by the likes of Saracens and France whilst Quins have been using it for player injury rehabilitation. The unique thing about the product is its INSANE netting which makes the rebound very unpredictable, perfect for developing handling skills and passing accuracy.

Greenwood v Healey - One minute challenge

Greenwood v Healey – One minute challenge

Both Will and Austin’s families love the Crazy Catch … having seen it in action at Sportfest. Will was triumphant in the head to head One Minute Challenge in 2014 but injury hampered him this year … so let’s say its 1-1 and champion to be decided once and for all at the 2016 Sportfest!!

Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net and a great Christmas gift for sports people of all age and ability!

Crazy Catch at Sportfest 2015

Here at Crazy Catch, we are super excited about SportFest 2015 taking place at Wormsley this weekend. This is our third year of involvement in the event which includes supplying our fabulous rebound nets into some of the sports zones include Hockey, Netball and Cricket where hundreds of families will be able to improve their skills and enjoy the challenge of our INSANE rebounds.


Sportfest – a whole weekend of sporting fun for all the family

The unique thing about SportFest is that an amazing whose who of sport will be in attendance, offering their expert coaching skills and inspiring youngsters to try new sports. This year Will Greenwood and Austin Healey will be joined by Greg Rusedski, Matthew Pincent, John Barnes and Daley Thompson whilst Beth Tweddle will be running gymnastic sessions which is new to Sportfest this year.

Greenwood v Healey - One minute challenge

Greenwood v Healey – One minute challenge

Crazy Catch has a stand where families can compete against celebrity scores in the famous One Minute Challenge whilst we also have our new Freestyle Tennis game running. Meanwhile our sister brand the Flicx Pitch will be providing a brand new red netball court for the netball zone which is the first pitch of its kind in the UK! We cant wait to see you there (in the sunshine!)

The Crazy Catch Top 10 of 2014 – Our best moments…

It’s been another fantastic year of sport and here at Crazy Catch we have had some great fun training with some new partner clubs and athletes playing on some the biggest stages in sport from the World Cup in Brazil to the Commonwealth Games held in Manchester…

Here we share our best moments from 2014 and we look forward to some even bigger and better projects in 2015!!

1.  We were delighted to be invited by Everton FC to film with their goalkeepers … take a look at the result which is some INSANE diving saves. We also attended and ran a Crazy Catch zone at the Neville Southall / PG10 training day. For football – Crazy Catch is the number 1 training aid!

2. Back in June we teamed up with GB and England Hockey goalkeeper Maddie Hinch for the video “Not Giving In”. Maddie had a great year winning Commonwealth silver and is also a finalist in the FIH Goalkeeper of the Year award … you can vote for Maddie here

3. We love SportFest – it’s all about fun, sport and families so we fit right in! Tickets for the 2015 event are now on sale so if you fancy a weekend at wonderful Wormsely being coached by the likes of John Barnes, Will Greenwood and Andrew Strauss then book now!

4. Cricket remains our most popular sport and this summer holidays we put the fun back into fielding with the help of Paul Nixon. Take a watch of some of our fab little games and drills that are great for sharpening your catching skills at home

5. How could we not include reference to the World Cup in Brazil – what an amazing tournament with some truly exceptional goalkeeping displays from some keepers who train with Crazy Catch namely Guillermo Ochoa and Keylor Navas who earned a big money move to Real Madrid… here he is working on his reactions back at Levante (Watch) 

6. The ZEO Superleague final was so exciting this year as Manchester Thunder triumphed in the dying seconds over Surrey Storm to claim the title. For Crazy Catch it was the perfect final as both teams use the Ultimate Rebound Net!

7. Legendary 5 time world player of the year Jamie Dwyer coached with Crazy Catch during his visit to Loughborough University … if its good enough for the most famous hockey player on the planet, then it must be a great piece of kit! Jamie used the product in his forwards masterclass with Loughborough Students Hockey players.

8. Crazy Catch is becoming more and more popular in schools with pupils of all ages and abilities. We headed down to Millfield school to see how Crazy Catch is used to improve their athletes skills in a number of sports including Rugby, Tennis, Netball, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball and Fencing! Watch the video

9. Congratulations to catching champion Steffan Vass from Northampton. He won the u17’s category of the global Crazy Catch One Minute Challenge and trust me he is quick with a top score of over 70 catches in a minute!

10. Finally in our top 10 of 2014 is our own award. Crazy Catch picked up most innovative product at the Sports Trade Awards this year! Crazy Catch is available in four different sized models and we have a classic version for small ball sports like cricket and hockey then the double trouble version (with two INSANE sides) for big ball sports like netball and football.

Join team #CrazyCatch IN 2015 and get training with the number 1 training aid – the Ultimate Rebound Net, whatever your sport.

Which is the right Crazy Catch for me this Christmas??

The elves at Crazy Catch HQ have been receiving a number of phone calls and emails recently from customers looking to buy a Crazy Catch but quite not sure which would be the best model for their needs… so here is a little blog to explain the difference between our Classic Range and Double Trouble range and the different sizes available…

Classic range 403

The Classic range – for small ball sports like cricket, tennis and hockey


Put simply we recommend the Classic Range for small ball sports like cricket and hockey and the Double Troubles for large ball sports like football, netball and rugby. This is because the Classics (available as either an Upstart, Wildchild or Professional) have small netting on both sides. One side is single netting so the ball behaves normally and comes straight back to you, yet the other side has two nets which overlap to create our wonderful INSANE rebounds which will send the ball in all kinds of direction testing your catching skills, and reactions to the limit and making for a load of fun whatever your age or ability!!

DT range 403

The Double Trouble range with 2 insane sides for big ball sports like Football, Rugby and Netball


Then there’s our Double Trouble range which comes in the same sizes (Upstart, Wildchild and Professional) and has one side of small netting (the Crazy double netting so an INSANE reaction with a small ball) however on the reverse is larger netting which sends a large ball like a netball or football INSANE…. so double the trouble. There is also the Freestyle which is our brand new award winning handheld model, and again a great coaching aid for lots of sports!!

Size wise the Freestyle is smallest (52cm x 52cm) then the Upstart is a handy size for the home or garden or youngsters at (75cm x 75cm). Next comes our Wildchild and most popular model measuring up at 93cm x 93cm and finally the big one, the Professional, perfect for clubs and schools (148cm x 91cm)

Want more … Why not download our handy PDF guide!!!  Download

Want to see the Crazy Catch in action – take a look at some of our playlists on You Tube and get some great training ideas for your sport!!

What makes Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net, award winning?? And a great Christmas present idea …

Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound net, this year scooped “Most Innovative Product” at the Sports Trade Awards 2014 as voted by the UK Sports Trade (Read More) We might be biased but we think the Crazy Catch is a truly amazing product and so here is our top 5 reasons why Crazy Catch is in a league of its own this Christmas…

The Classic range for small ball sports...

The Classic range for small ball sports…

The double trouble range for big ball sports...

The double trouble range for big ball sports…

  1. It’s totally INSANE – The quality of the Crazy Catch range is what sets it apart from other rebound nets on the market AND we have our unique patented INSANE net technology. To cut a long story short a sheep farmer in New Zealand who invented Crazy Catch discovered that when 2 sheets of netting overlap that a ball rebounds at all different, crazy angles. This is what makes the Crazy Catch so different and means it really tests your reactions and speed whilst being super fun! There is the SANE side too which is great for repetition training or if you don’t want so much craziness.
  2. It’s versatile – The number of uses for Crazy Catch is endless. Its suitable for all ages and abilities and pretty much any sport that requires reactions… more on that later! The adjustable bar means you can alter the angle and its lightweight and portable so you can easily move it around in training sessions.
  3. It will improve your game, whatever your sport – Crazy Catch is used and loved by many top international athletes and professional teams including the England Cricket Team, St Georges Park, England Netball, Olympic Silver medallist Nathan Robertson, Maddie Hinch and the GB men’s and women’s Hockey teams and various premiership Rugby sides. We have tons of ideas and drill suggestions on our You Tube channel so for inspiration do take a look. The few benefits that the product will provide would include faster reactions, increased speed and agility, first touch and control in sports like football and hockey, hand eye co-ordination and catching skills in cricket.
  4. The hidden benefits – There are a couple of hidden benefits too as pointed out by some leading sports professionals and academics. Firstly leading eye specialist have been using Crazy Catch to improve and train vision performance. The eye is a powerful muscle which needs to be trained like any other one as outlined by the work of Dr Zoe Wimshurst. Using the Crazy Catch is great for improving peripheral vision which in turn helps you to see more in the game. Its the small improvements that at the top level can make all the difference – plus its great for injury rehab and keeping your mind active. We also supply Crazy Catch to a number of schools, its a great way to teach kids how to catch and develop their physical literacy skills. (See our new Millfield video)
  5. The fun factor – Crazy Catch is also a great product for the home and encourages kids to be outside playing. It really does provide hours of fun! Plus the Crazy Catch comes with an activity pack and stopwatch so you can do the one minute challenge and lots of other fun games which are great to play with your friends and family.

Buying Advice – If you play Cricket or Hockey we recommend the Crazy Catch Classic range, but if you prefer sports like football and netball, the Double Troubles would be best for you – these have larger netting on one side so even with a larger ball there is still a totally INSANE rebound.(Which is the right Crazy Catch for me?) 

Crazy Catch is available to buy in time for Christmas from a number of leading sports equipment retailers… take a look online now!