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Crazy Catch wicket keeping video goes viral!

This new short wicket keeping clip featuring Surrey Cricket’s Ben Foakes working with fielding coach Chris Taylor and Alec Stewart has been taking the internet by storm and has amassed nearly 50,000 views! The drill uses a Crazy Catch Wildchild at a 90 degree angle with a wobble stump trying to distract the wicket keeper.



This 'Turn & Bounce' wicket keeping drill simulates a #wicketkeeper taking a ball that turns and bounces through the gate. Starting Position @benfoakes7 has excellent 'posture' and athletic position. His eyes are level and engaged. The take technique – Upper body rotation to 'cope' with the bouncing ball. – Foakes maintains a large catching area as he turns – Quick hands back to the stumps – Follows ‘take and break’ with a straight back into 'posture position' Overtrain – Try multiple feeds from multiple angles which will challenge your player to produce solid technique every ball. Try a set of 6 balls 🏏 Progression – Flip to the insane side of the Crazy Catch for more challenge Thanks to Chris Taylor of @surreycricket for the footage and coaching points #Cricket #surreycricket #crickettraining #cricketcoaching #crazycatch @wecoachcricket @cricketmentoring @citycricketacademy @procoachcricket

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A second drill will called ‘Turn & Bounce’ simulates a  wicket keeper taking a ball that turns and bounces through the gate. Chris Taylor has kindly provided his coaching insight ….

Starting Position @benfoakes7 has excellent ‘posture’ and athletic position. His eyes are level and engaged.

The take technique

  • Upper body rotation to ‘cope’ with the bouncing ball.
  • Foakes maintains a large catching area as he turns
  • Quick hands back to the stumps
  • Follows ‘take and break’ with a straight back into ‘posture position’

Overtrain – Try multiple feeds from multiple angles which will challenge your player to produce solid technique every ball. Try a set of 6 balls 🏏

Progression – Flip to the insane side of the Crazy Catch for more challenge!

If you have enjoyed this drill, check out the Think Outside the Box drills and accompanying PDF drillcards produced with Tammy Beaumont and Mark Garaway … there are 6 innovative drills which are not just about catching but also work on evading the short ball, hitting the stumps, power hitting and taking those high boundary catches. Add fun, variety and challenge into any training session 


Catch Catch fun at the inaugural Legacy Netball camp

Legacy Netball hosted their inaugural netball camp this weekend at Brunel University and Crazy Catch were on hand to add the Ultimate Rebound Net to the fun on offer. Legacy Netball is owned by England Netballers Serena Guthrie and Sasha Corbin, who is also a Crazy Catch ambassador and the camps saw some of Sasha’s Crazy Catch Solo Sessions brought to the event.

Crazy Catch at Legacy Netball

Crazy Catch is a brilliant netball training aid great for skill development with its INSANE side adding extra challenge. Solo Sessions include handling drills, team rotation drills and games including Crazy Ball adapted with netball rules. Sasha and Serena were on hand to add their top tips and in no time at all the girls had all acquired some great new skills and everyone had loads of fun!

At part of the ongoing partnership, anyone who attends a Legacy Netball camp are able to access a 15% discount on any Crazy Catch purchased on the Crazy Catch UK store (the double trouble range is recommended for netball) Click Here to shop – add you Legacy Netball coupon code at the check out.

Look out for some brand new Crazy Catch Netball drills as part of our Think Outside the Box campaign coming soon. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to see them!!!

EVO Hockey & Crazy Catch | Evolve your game …

Crazy Catch has linked up with EVO Hockey, who will be using the Ultimate Rebound Net in their camps and coaching clinics going forward. EVO Hockey is the brainchild of Chris Bowen and Omar Shibli and is a new breed of hockey coaching aiming to enthuse and excite young players, showing them different playing styles, skills, philosophies and cultures from around the world and connecting them with hockey stars across the globe.

On their most recent camp, at Reigate Grammar School, Crazy Catch came along to support ambassador and FIH World Goalkeeper of the Year David Harte who was guest coaching alongside other stars Giselle Ansley, Justin Reid-Ross, Marie Mavers, Eileen Hoffman and Thomas Briels. Above is a link to the #Treemendous video we filmed!

With the EVO Hockey culture of develop new skills in young players, Crazy Catch is a perfect innovative tool to learn a whole range of techniques including volleying, 3D skills, deflections and perfecting a range of first touches .

“At EVO, we are always looking to push the boundaries in creative hockey coaching. Crazy Catch provides us with excellent and fun tools for doing this and are an excellent training resource.”

Crazy Catch and EVO Hockey will be partnering on some new video content so shall tuned for some more #Treemendous videos this Christmas …

#Treemendous | Share your skills this festive period with Crazy Catch

How do you fancy winning £500??? Well thanks to #Treemendous, the innovative, Christmas campaign from Crazy Catch, now you can!!! All you need to do is get creative with your Crazy Catch and submit your amazing skill, great save, super training drill or wow trick shot onto our festive microsite at (Full site live 21st November)

Check out some of our ambassadors and friends of Crazy Catch showing your their skills in our official videos to give you some ideas and inspiration. Why not try these out in your next training session??

Once the #Treemendous competition launches, you will be able to go onto the site and upload your #Treemendous video (and view and vote for your favourites). Register your details now so you are kept up to speed with all the information!

Anyone can take part … get creative with your team mates or submit your best solo session. Whatever your sport or even something completely random, like your talented dog training with Crazy Catch. The crazier, the better in our eyes!!
1500x5000-classic-enter#Treemendous FAQ’s

  • How do you enter #Treemendous ??

To enter #Treemendous all you need to do is film your #Treemendous skill and post it onto a social media site of your choice. Then copy the URL and paste it into our “Submit a Video” form at NB – We would recommend anyone entering #Treemendous reads the full Terms and Conditions before entering.

  • Do you have to have a Crazy Catch to enter?? 

No, we would prefer videos featuring the Crazy Catch but that is not mandatory and will not hamper your chance of winning #Treemendous.

  • How do you win #Treemendous??

The winning video will be the fan video which collects the most votes on the #Treemendous microsite. Video owners can use social media and share their video to encourage friends, family etc to get behind their entry and vote but only votes cast on the site itself will be counted and it’s only one vote per person. The winner will be announced on 31st January and there will also be runners up prizes of a Crazy Catch for each category (videos are categorised by sport) so even if you have to wait until Christmas, for Santa to bring you a Crazy Catch, you can still take part!

  • How can you win a Crazy Catch? 

As well as entering your video, you can also win a Crazy Catch by voting in #Treemendous. One lucky voter will win a Crazy Catch of their choice after the competition closes on 31 January 2017 from all votes cast.

  • Where can I buy a Crazy Catch? 

Crazy Catch is available from all leading sports stores. With its unique, patented net technology Crazy Catch is used by top athletes in football, hockey, cricket, netball and many more sports, to help take their game to the next level. As well as skill development, Crazy Catch is used to develop reactions, speed and agility, vision performance, hand-eye co-ordination, for injury rehabilitation and much more. The perfect sporting Christmas present … and great for endless hours of family fun in the garden.

Train INSANE or remain the same | Maddie Hinch & David Harte on the Road To Rio!

Crazy Catch are delighted to announce that two of the world’s top hockey goalkeepers Maddie Hinch (GB and England) and David Harte (Ireland) have joined the brand as official ambassadors. Both Maddie and David have used the Crazy Catch throughout their careers and now they are both heading to their first Olympic games starting on the 5th August in Rio! WATCH this brand new video in the Train INSANE series showing how Crazy Catch helps them both to take their skills to the next level …

Keep following Crazy Catch UK for an exclusive interview with both Maddie and David, as we delve inside the heads of the worlds best and learn what has taken them to the top of their sport and their mindset heading into the Olympic Games, hockey’s pinnacle. After Rio, Maddie will be joining David out in Holland where she will spend a season at Stichtsche HC meanwhile David will be looking to follow up a tremendous season for both club and country which saw him become an EHL winner and named as FIH Goalkeeper of the Year!

Train INSANE.jpg V2

Crazy Catch is no ordinary rebound net… It has two different sides. A SANE side for a consistent feed and an INSANE side which really tests your reactions, speed, hand-eye co-ordination and vision. The Classic range for hockey is available in 4 sizes including a handheld Freestyle model and the pace on the rebound needs to be seen to be believed. It’s not just goalkeepers who can have fun with Crazy Catch however – Outfield players too are increasingly using the product to work on their first touch, 3D skills, finishing and much more and for coaches the product creates a new challenge and progression for any drill and is portable and most of all lots of fun to use. WATCH some seriously cool obstacle course circuits from some top international teams AND some amazing skills from the guys at Self Pass and then get on the turf yourself and show us what you can do! Train INSANE or remain the same.

3 Test Matches, 2 International Netballers, 1 Ultimate Rebound Net : Watch our #NetballMonth videos now

Last night in front of a packed Copper Box crowd, the Australian Diamonds and world number one side, recorded a 3-0 series win however there were plenty of positives for England Coach Tracey Neville and her new look England side.

Diamonds v Roses Crazy Catch Netball Challenge

Diamonds v Roses Crazy Catch Netball Challenge

Especially for the occasion, Crazy Catch have brought together our two netball ambassadors Sasha Corbin (Loughborough Lightening and England) and Julie Corletto (Retired Aussie Diamond and 3 time World Champion) for 3 Roses vs Diamonds challenges which are great for netballers to try at home or at their club or school … Insane Catches, Crazy Netball and Reaction Wall. Watch them all now and see how comes out on top 🙂 Coaches – you can find all the rules and progressions below

  1. INSANE Catches

How many catches can you do from 2 metres, off the INSANE side of the Crazy Catch rebound net in 30 seconds below (dropped catches do not count in your score!)

You can change this drill by increasing or decreasing the distance or for younger players, use the sane side which has a much more predictable rebound.

Top Tip – Find a spot on the Crazy Catch where you can get into a catching rhythm (suggest middle bottom as that will pop the ball up to hand height) and keep hitting it.

2. Crazy Netball

Set yourself out a square around 2m squared and put your Crazy Catch down one side … The idea of the game is simple, you and your partner take turns – one catches the other persons throw and you can let the ball drop in the square. Make this challenge even more tricky by using the INSANE side of your Crazy Catch Double Trouble for netball.

Top Tip – vary the pace of your throws to move your opponent around the square … go from a drop shot, to a rebound to the back to really get them moving!

3. Reaction Wall

This game is all about anticipation and reactions as a feed comes off the wall with the player with their back to the feeder … you need to pop the ball up behind your head then react to the ball as it comes off the wall from the Crazy Catch Freestyle and take the catch!

Punch harder with the Freestyle to add difficulty or increase the distance the player needs to travel to make the catch, being careful to avoid the back of their head!

Top Tip – stay on the balls of your feet to ensure you can react quickly and push off hard to cover the ground.

Try these drills for yourself and we would love to know how you get on … You can find Crazy Catch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

Improve your football skills with Crazy Catch and Improtech Soccer

You might have seen Crazy Catch being used by top goalkeepers as a training aid but did you know it also has many different uses for outfield players. In our latest video, filmed with Improtech Soccer academy based in the North East,  the coaches spend a great deal of time developing technical aspects of the players games which is where the Crazy Catches come in. The product is used extensively and most of the boys have one at home so they can keep practising away from the session too.

In this short video we see the boys working on their first touch, using the inside, outside and front of their feet as well as practising cushioned volleys and control where the insane side of the Crazy Catch can create an unpredictable rebound which can challenge the first touch of even professional players! Many of the boys at the academy train 18 hours a week at the Keiper Academy with the results being evident in their ability and the fact that many pf the players are also on the books at local clubs including Newcastle United, Middlesborough, Sunderland and Hartlepool.

Improtech Soccer and Crazy Catch - The Ultimate Rebound Net

Improtech Soccer and Crazy Catch – The Ultimate Rebound Net

The possibilities for integrating the Crazy Catch into training sessions is limitless and its a great fun product to use either training at home alone or with a larger group in a club environment. Train INSANE or remain with same with Crazy Catch, the award winning rebound net and the only product on the market with patented net technology.

The Crazy Catch is available from all leading Soccer retailers including Pro Direct Soccer, Clubline Football, The Soccer Store and Total Sport NE and Just Keepers