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Goalkeeper reaction training session with Real Madrid & Crazy Catch

Real Madrid is one of the world’s biggest football clubs and they along with top goalkeeping coach Luis Llopis, have been using Crazy Catch for a couple of years now. Watch this new video of a reaction session featuring Keylor Navas, Kiko Casilla and Ryan Yanez Alabart.

This session uses the Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble as well as a mixture of footballs and smaller tennis balls. Using smaller balls develops quicker reflexes and also aids visual performance (plus going back to using footballs then makes these balls much easier to save). The unique thing about the Crazy Catch is its INSANE rebound so the tennis ball comes off the net very erratically pushing you to the limit and making for a very intensive session. Luis also sometimes pushes the net as the ball impacts to create more pace and unpredictability for these elite keepers. Try some of these ideas in your next session …

Crazy Catch is the original and best rebound net for football (or Soccer) training … Chose from the Double Trouble range; these have large netting on one side, so it’s INSANE even with a football (grey side in image above), then small netting on the front. The Ultimate Rebound Net is available from leading football retailers including Pro Direct Soccer. 

Omari Hutchinson | Train for the Game (with Crazy Catch)

Omari Hutchinson is only 13 years old but already has the football world talking about his talent. A You Tube video featuring some of his skills and goals (by the F2 Freestylers) has already hit over 3 million views so Arsene Wenger may well have a future premier league star on his books.

Omari is part of the soccer skills group “The Tekk Squad” which also includes England women’s player Gemma Davison and trick shot guru Coytie and we are pleased to say he is a big Crazy Catch fan and uses the product regularly to develop his first touch and skills. “If you keep training, you improve” says Omari. Check out his new video with Crazy Catch as part of the Train for the game series produced by Sports on Screen.

Hinch and Harte | The Crazy Catch hockey training drills for goalkeepers

Welcome to our “Hinch and Harte” training drills blog … the easy way to access all 4 episodes in this series of hockey goalkeeping videos from Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net. Watch Maddie Hinch and FIH World Goalkeeper of the Year David Harte, demonstrate 4 fun yet simple drills you can do in your next training sessions working on Deflections and Reactions, Ball Contact and Decision Making, Hand Saves and clearing with some top tips and advice too.

Crazy Catch is a superb training aid for hockey players – both outfield players and goalkeepers. The ball rebounds unpredictably off the net which tests all elements of your game including hidden benefits such as vision performance. Many top international teams use Crazy Catch in their training programmes – it’s a great way to add variety and challenge to any drill and push your skills to new levels. Crazy Catch is available in 4 sized nets from leading hockey retailers … every club needs one!

Train INSANE.jpg V2

See the Crazy Catch on Sky Sport’s Game Changers later

Exciting news – you can see the Crazy Catch along with England Netballer Sophia Candappa on Sky Sports game changers tonight! … Here is a sneak peak at what you might expect from the show

Also there is a brilliant Kurt Zouma feature from when the Chelsea defender tried the Game Changers Football Challenge at the PlayStation Schools’ Cup.

Game Changers News has all your latest sporting headlines plus a report on how to get involved in rugby, and Wandsworth Netball Club take on the All-Rounder.

You can see it all : Friday 5pm Sky Sports 1, Saturday 8am Sky Sports 1 & Sky 1 or search ‘Game Changers’ On Demand.

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#ReindeerTraining episode one: Crazy Catch fitness boot camp with Gail Emms

Ever wondered what Santa’s reindeer get up to outside of their one evening a years hard graft, pulling the sleigh and delivering presents all around the world to all the good girls and boys???

Well let us let you into a little secret … they don’t do much at all!!! Well they eat too much and slob around the North Pole and generally become very overweight and lazy!! That is why Crazy  Catch have been enlisted to get them all into shape and ensure their reactions and skills are up to scratch with the help of our celebrity elf trainers. First up is badminton Olympic silver medallist and winner of Eternal Glory,  Gail Emms who will be supervising a very tough boot camp for our reindeer’s … Watch our first #ReindeerTraining animation below!

As you can see the Crazy Catch can be used to develop the strength, speed, agility and reactions of athletes and its the perfect piece of kit for gyms, PT’s and anyone looking to improve their general fitness. Develop your hand eye co-ordination and use the Crazy Catch to add something different to your circuits or to sharpen your reactions … its a great piece of kit and great fun to use plus its the perfect sporting gift this Christmas

A gruelling boot camp to kick of #ReindeerTraining

A gruelling boot camp to kick of #ReindeerTraining

The Crazy Catch comes in 4 sizes, the Professional, Wildchild, Upstart or the Freestyle… choose the classic range for small ball sports like cricket and hockey or the double trouble range for big ball sports like football and netball and for multi sport use. Whatever your age or ability, test yourself and improve your game with the INSANE rebound of the Ultimate Rebound Net. Available from all leading sports retailers … shop on-line or in-store.

Improve your football skills with Crazy Catch and Improtech Soccer

You might have seen Crazy Catch being used by top goalkeepers as a training aid but did you know it also has many different uses for outfield players. In our latest video, filmed with Improtech Soccer academy based in the North East,  the coaches spend a great deal of time developing technical aspects of the players games which is where the Crazy Catches come in. The product is used extensively and most of the boys have one at home so they can keep practising away from the session too.

In this short video we see the boys working on their first touch, using the inside, outside and front of their feet as well as practising cushioned volleys and control where the insane side of the Crazy Catch can create an unpredictable rebound which can challenge the first touch of even professional players! Many of the boys at the academy train 18 hours a week at the Keiper Academy with the results being evident in their ability and the fact that many pf the players are also on the books at local clubs including Newcastle United, Middlesborough, Sunderland and Hartlepool.

Improtech Soccer and Crazy Catch - The Ultimate Rebound Net

Improtech Soccer and Crazy Catch – The Ultimate Rebound Net

The possibilities for integrating the Crazy Catch into training sessions is limitless and its a great fun product to use either training at home alone or with a larger group in a club environment. Train INSANE or remain with same with Crazy Catch, the award winning rebound net and the only product on the market with patented net technology.

The Crazy Catch is available from all leading Soccer retailers including Pro Direct Soccer, Clubline Football, The Soccer Store and Total Sport NE and Just Keepers