“At EVO, we are always looking to push the boundaries in creative hockey coaching. Crazy Catch provides us with excellent and fun tools for doing this and are an excellent training resource.”- EVO Hockey

“They are brilliant ! Great for most ball sports ! Ernie loves it. As do the dogs” – John Torode

Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble

Crazy Catch Wildchild Double Trouble

“The Crazy Catch is a really good tool and we have incorporated it into a number of our drills at QPR. With younger goalkeepers its perfect for coaching basic goalkeeping shapes and positioning as you have the security of a really consistent rebound. In more complex drills with the older keepers it adds another server which means you have a second and third phase save which is vital plus the INSANE side can really test their reactions. Crossing sessions, distribution sessions and fitness sessions can all be taken to another level with Crazy Catch so they are such a useful piece of equipment for us” – Paul Crichton (former QPR goalkeeper coach)

” The Crazy  Catch is wicked. I absolutely love playing with it just because you can do so much with it and be so creative”.  You can take a ball on extension, you can practice your catching, your throwing, your jumping, your turning – you can do absolutely anything you want with Crazy Catch, you just need to get creative and enjoy yourself”.- Sasha Corbin

“Brilliant for hand-eye coordination – you can use it with all sorts of different shapes of ball, plus specifically with a rugby ball. It makes the player work hard on their hand catch, pass and balance in a competitive way. I particularly liked the way it returns the ball at variable angles, a game-like randomness you would find hard to replicate by just passing the ball to the player. My players were constantly asking for the next time we were using the Crazy Catch net.”

“I found the Freestyle ideal for training because it was easy to carry and set up. We used it for scrum half catch and passes plus line out reaction work in particular. It was also good for injured players who were at training. They could practise their catching and juggling skills”



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