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Behind the Scenes on the James Taylor shoot with Pro Direct Cricket

Pro:Direct Cricket joined us at Trent Bridge back in March when we filmed with James Taylor for our “Catches Win Matches” video and photo shoot. Pro Direct captured this interview with James where he talks about his fielding hero’s and how important fielding is for the England Cricket team PLUS this behind the scenes video of the day. James is seen using the Crazy Catch range of premium rebound nets to develop his fielding skills…

As you can see from the video, the pace of the rebound is very quick and the unique patented net technology means that the rebound is very unpredictable on the INSANE side. Crazy Catch is a great way to add fun and variety to your cricket teams training sessions and ensure there are no dropped catches this season! Use  Crazy Catch for close up fielding drills or to improve throwing accuracy, longer throws and also batting technique … the possibilities are endless.

To buy a Crazy Catch you can visit the Pro Direct Cricket website http://www.prodirectcricket.com/lists/cricket-coaching-aids.aspx?listName=cricket-coaching-aids&cur=GBP&pp=32&brand=Crazy+Catch


Improve your football skills with Crazy Catch and Improtech Soccer

You might have seen Crazy Catch being used by top goalkeepers as a training aid but did you know it also has many different uses for outfield players. In our latest video, filmed with Improtech Soccer academy based in the North East,  the coaches spend a great deal of time developing technical aspects of the players games which is where the Crazy Catches come in. The product is used extensively and most of the boys have one at home so they can keep practising away from the session too.

In this short video we see the boys working on their first touch, using the inside, outside and front of their feet as well as practising cushioned volleys and control where the insane side of the Crazy Catch can create an unpredictable rebound which can challenge the first touch of even professional players! Many of the boys at the academy train 18 hours a week at the Keiper Academy with the results being evident in their ability and the fact that many pf the players are also on the books at local clubs including Newcastle United, Middlesborough, Sunderland and Hartlepool.

Improtech Soccer and Crazy Catch - The Ultimate Rebound Net

Improtech Soccer and Crazy Catch – The Ultimate Rebound Net

The possibilities for integrating the Crazy Catch into training sessions is limitless and its a great fun product to use either training at home alone or with a larger group in a club environment. Train INSANE or remain with same with Crazy Catch, the award winning rebound net and the only product on the market with patented net technology.

The Crazy Catch is available from all leading Soccer retailers including Pro Direct Soccer, Clubline Football, The Soccer Store and Total Sport NE and Just Keepers

The Ultimate Fielding Test | Test 3 – Freestyle Tennis

To celebrate the Ashes, Crazy Catch have our own fielding competition currently running – its the Ultimate Fielding Test between England and Australia represented by Nick Compton and Joe Burns respectably.

The third test is Freestyle Tennis where Compton and Burns take part in a tennis style match using the Crazy Catch Freestyle. The ball must not bounce on their half of the court otherwise they lose the point and the player must use the Freestyle to play the ball into their opponents half – otherwise it’s tennis scoring with the best of three sets deciding this contest … and watch out for the curveballs straight back onto your side!!

Nick Compton and Joe Burns compete in Freestyle Tennis

Nick Compton and Joe Burns compete in Freestyle Tennis

The Crazy Catch Freestyle is our newest model to hit the Crazy Catch range – its a small, lightweight, handheld product with insane netting and a RRP of £50. The Freestyle makes a great coaching aid (whatever your sport) and you can use it to play with your mates too. Give it a go and join in the crazy fun ! … available from all leading cricket retailers

Stocking Fillers from Crazy Catch

The Crazy Catch Freestyle makes a great little stocking filler… it can be used for pretty much any sport to develop skills or work on reactions plus its a very handy coaching aid to ensure an accurate feed in drills.

The Crazy Catch - Freestyle

The Crazy Catch – Freestyle

The Freestyle is 52x52cm and is very lightweight and portable … As well as sport, its also just a great fun product to use so is perfect for the garden. We also have a range of vision training balls which help develop catching skills and hand eye co-ordination … these are all also available from our CRAZY CATCH retailers (locate a retailer)

Millfield School sports teams training with Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch is delighted to supply its full range of reaction training equipment to Millfield School. World-class facilities, along with a unique blend of high quality coaching, enable’s Millfield to offer an environment for pupils to develop confidence and resilience through sport and taking advantage of teamwork and leadership opportunities. We are grateful to all the PE staff at Millfield for allowing us to come in and film and photograph them in action using the Ultimate Rebound Net. Some of the best shots are shown below with a video to follow…

Speaking about the use of Crazy Catch with cricketers at Millfield School, Director of Cricket Coaching Mark Garraway said “The Crazy Catch range gives any coach access to 100’s of catching and fielding drills which can be applied into groups, 1 on 1 coaching time and also independent sessions.

Players can hone techniques, starting positions, catches up high, down low and side to side with the freestanding units. One of the best features of the product is the two different net sides – for insane and sane rebounds. With the SANE side, we can help any player to hone repeatable technique then once the technique is in place, the player can try the other side of the net where there is an INSANE rebound which challenges overall catching technique much more and tests the newly developed skills as you can’t predict which way the ball will react off of the strings. A player may only get one ball in that honed area out of 20 goes and that’s the challenge! Can the player come up with the ball?

The handheld Freestyle offers the coach flexibility to change the angle of rebound, thus bringing in a number of fielders into a drill. A great example of this comes with reaction practice for short leg and silly point fielders. The large surface area gives any coach a great chance of deflecting the ball to one fielder or another off a bounce throw feed. You can even surprise the feeder with a hard struck return catch!!

We also find that Crazy Catches are also great to use in team invasion games where a point or goal is scored by throwing the ball against the rebound net and taking a return catch. I have only mentioned a few of the Crazy Catch models and a handful of drills…. the scope for the development of cricketers is only limited by the imagination of the coach. Crazy Catch is an essential coaching tool.”

Whilst Crazy Catch has been a hugely popular training aid in some of Millfield’s core sports like cricket, rugby, hockey and netball for many years we were really impressed to see great applications in sports such as fencing, tennis and basketball. The fencing master commented on how key movement skills are transferable and could be developed and improved by using the Crazy Catches whereas the tennis players all invented new games with the product with footwork, teamwork and reactions at the fore… as well as with skill develop practices working on improved control with volleys, touch and accuracy.

Crazy Catches are simply a must have for all schools from key staged 1 where the focus is on teaching kids how to catch as well as fundamental ABC skills right up to elite international junior athletes. Whatever your sport, improve your game with Crazy  Catch … available from all leading school sport suppliers.

#FIELDINGFUN – Week 4 … Deep Fielding

This Easter weekend we have another fielding fun installment for you – this time looking at taking a catch in the deep.

Paul Nixon the former England, Leicestershire and Kent cricketer guides you through some top tips with both the orthodox and reverse catching techniques and in this video we are using the amazing Crazy Catch Freestyle – our new handheld device which a brilliant coaching aid, not just in cricket but lots of other sports too.

Deep Fielding

Deep Fielding

Get out in the garden this weekend and get practising then maybe you might take a catch like this in a game one day soon!


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Crazy Catch support “Make The Game Live” the England Netball coaching event

Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net, are delighted to be supporting the upcoming England Netball event, Make the Game Live, taking place at Loughborough University on the 14th-15th September.



The Crazy Catch is becoming a hugely popular training aid in Netball from international level right down to being a really innovative way to teach youngsters and beginners how to catch. The Double Trouble range, recommended for Netball, has two sides. The small netting on one side is great for quick passing drills or improving hand-eye coordination in beginners, whilst the larger netting on the reverse creates an INSANE rebound testing your reactions and footwork and helping to take your game to the next level. The number of drills you can do using the Crazy Catch is vast and as well as using them at your club or at school, they are also lightweight and portable enough for them to be a great way to improve your game at home in the garden.

This national coaching and officiating conference will see an exciting and engaging weekend of practical workshops and seminars featuring some of England’s top coaches and officials as well as inspiring key note speakers. As supporters of the event the Crazy Catch team will be there…

  • Demonstrating the Crazy Catch range available to buy from the iheartnetball store throughout the 2 day coaching conference
  • Releasing exclusive new netball videos featuring Tamsin Greenway delivering coaching sessions with Crazy Catch
  • Running an exclusive competition to all of England Netball’s Netball Magazine readers to win a brand new Crazy Catch Freestyle
  • And more to be announced …. We are looking forward to meeting you at Loughborough!

To see the Crazy Catch is action why not check us out on You Tube or follow us on Twitter