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Netball Training Drills with Sasha Corbin, Serena Guthrie and Kadeen Corbin

If your Netball team is looking to improve your skills this season, then you need Crazy Catch. Check out our new “Think Outside the Box” drills with England Roses players Sasha and Kadeen Corbin and Serena Guthrie with some top tips and ideas to add fun and challenge to your training sessions. Take a look and try them out for yourself …





Crazy Catch is a high quality rebound net with patented net technology. Only Crazy Catch offers this unpredictable rebound with a Netball and that’s why it’s used and loved by top international players including Sasha, Serena and Kadeen but its also just as suitable to help beginners learning the game. Crazy Catch comes fully assembled & there are 4 sizes to choose from. Select from the Crazy Catch Double Trouble range for #Netball – one side has small netting for repetition drills whilst the other is totally insane side, perfect for reactions & really testing your catching & receiving skills.

You can buy Crazy Catch from leading Netball retailers including Netball UK and Barrington Sports 


Catch Catch fun at the inaugural Legacy Netball camp

Legacy Netball hosted their inaugural netball camp this weekend at Brunel University and Crazy Catch were on hand to add the Ultimate Rebound Net to the fun on offer. Legacy Netball is owned by England Netballers Serena Guthrie and Sasha Corbin, who is also a Crazy Catch ambassador and the camps saw some of Sasha’s Crazy Catch Solo Sessions brought to the event.

Crazy Catch at Legacy Netball

Crazy Catch is a brilliant netball training aid great for skill development with its INSANE side adding extra challenge. Solo Sessions include handling drills, team rotation drills and games including Crazy Ball adapted with netball rules. Sasha and Serena were on hand to add their top tips and in no time at all the girls had all acquired some great new skills and everyone had loads of fun!

At part of the ongoing partnership, anyone who attends a Legacy Netball camp are able to access a 15% discount on any Crazy Catch purchased on the Crazy Catch UK store (the double trouble range is recommended for netball) Click Here to shop – add you Legacy Netball coupon code at the check out.

Look out for some brand new Crazy Catch Netball drills as part of our Think Outside the Box campaign coming soon. Follow us on Facebook to be the first to see them!!!

3 Test Matches, 2 International Netballers, 1 Ultimate Rebound Net : Watch our #NetballMonth videos now

Last night in front of a packed Copper Box crowd, the Australian Diamonds and world number one side, recorded a 3-0 series win however there were plenty of positives for England Coach Tracey Neville and her new look England side.

Diamonds v Roses Crazy Catch Netball Challenge

Diamonds v Roses Crazy Catch Netball Challenge

Especially for the occasion, Crazy Catch have brought together our two netball ambassadors Sasha Corbin (Loughborough Lightening and England) and Julie Corletto (Retired Aussie Diamond and 3 time World Champion) for 3 Roses vs Diamonds challenges which are great for netballers to try at home or at their club or school … Insane Catches, Crazy Netball and Reaction Wall. Watch them all now and see how comes out on top ūüôā Coaches – you can find all the rules and progressions below

  1. INSANE Catches

How many catches can you do from 2 metres, off the INSANE side of the Crazy Catch rebound net in 30 seconds below (dropped catches do not count in your score!)

You can change this drill by increasing or decreasing the distance or for younger players, use the sane side which has a much more predictable rebound.

Top Tip РFind a spot on the Crazy Catch where you can get into a catching rhythm (suggest middle bottom as that will pop the ball up to hand height) and keep hitting it.

2. Crazy Netball

Set yourself out a square around 2m squared and put your Crazy Catch down one side … The idea of the game is simple, you and your partner take turns – one catches the other persons throw and you can let the ball drop in the square. Make this challenge even more tricky by using the INSANE side of your Crazy Catch Double Trouble for netball.

Top Tip – vary the pace of your throws to move your opponent around the square … go from a drop shot, to a rebound to the back to really get them moving!

3. Reaction Wall

This game is all about anticipation and reactions as a feed comes off the wall with the player with their back to the feeder … you need to pop the ball up behind your head then react to the ball as it comes off the wall from the Crazy Catch Freestyle and¬†take the catch!

Punch harder with the Freestyle to add difficulty or increase the distance the player needs to travel to make the catch, being careful to avoid the back of their head!

Top Tip – stay on the balls of your feet to ensure you can react quickly and push off hard to cover the ground.

Try these drills for yourself and we would love to know how you get on … You can find Crazy Catch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram¬†

#ReindeerTraining episode two: Crazy Catch for netball with Sasha Corbin

After a gruelling bootcamp, our Reindeer are gradually getting their fitness back ahead of their big job on Christmas eve. Now for our next animation, we have enlisted the help of England Netballer Sasha Corbin who will help develop some reaction catching skills so the presents can be delivered down each chimney in record quick time…

Use the SANE side for developing your skills then flip over to the INSANE side to test your agility and reactions even further – taking your game to the next level, just like our ambassador Sasha. If you missed our video with her from earlier in the year, see how the Ultimate Rebound Net can improve your netball skills… train alone or have fun with your team mates with this award winning piece of training kit.

For netball choose from the Crazy Catch Double Trouble range which has small netting on the front and large netting on the back for a completely unpredictable return with a netball. You will be amazed, how fast the ball comes back and the possibilities are endless in terms of adding variety to your netball training.

The perfect gift for all netball players this Christmas

The perfect gift for all netball players this Christmas

Available to buy from all leading netball and sports retailers including Netball UK and the “I heart England Netball store” OR if you fancy being in with a chance of winning one, just check out the latest competition from our friends over at Gilbert Netball. All you need to do is create your #CrazyCatchPhrase … the winning suggestion will also feature on your very own Go Crazy Netball

Sasha Corbin | Train INSANE or remain the same (NEW Crazy Catch Netball VIDEO)

Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net¬†is¬†delighted to launch our inspirational new netball video starring our ambassador Sasha Corbin which forms part of our “Train INSANE or remain the same” campaign.

The video is an insight into the mind of a top international athlete and what drives her everyday to try and get better. The Crazy Catch is a great way to improve your netball skills with its unique INSANE rebounds testing your reactions or developing the techniques of younger players. Sasha says ” The Crazy ¬†Catch is wicked. I absolutely love playing with it just because you can do so much with it and be so creative”. ¬†You can take a ball on extension, you can practice your catching, your throwing, your jumping, your turning – you can do absolutely anything you want with Crazy Catch, you just need to get creative and enjoy yourself”.

If you like the new video please do share or RT it to show your friends and don’t forget if you want to improve your netball skills, you need to train with Crazy Catch, the Ultimate Rebound Net. Choose the Double Trouble range – with two INSANE sides available from leading retailers including Netball UK, Barrington Sports (home to the iheartnetball store) and Activ Instinct.

Win a Crazy Catch for your netball club to celebrate Sasha Corbin’s unveiling as a Crazy Catch ambassador

“Crazy Catch the ultimate rebound net is delighted to announce their new brand ambassador. Sasha Corbin, the England Netball star and Hertfordshire Mavericks captain will be joining us to expand the popularity of this unique training aid in the netball world.”

Sasha Corbin using the Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble

Sasha Corbin using the Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble

The agreement will kick off with a new inspirational video for Crazy Catch linked to the¬†“Train INSANE or remain the same” campaign which will see Sasha enhancing her speed, strength, power and reactions with the Crazy Catch range of¬†products, developing her skills and¬†pushing the boundaries in training,¬†to be the best player she can be. Sasha will also be using the products (Professional Double Trouble, Wildchild Double Trouble, Upstart Double Trouble and Freestyle) in her Ford “Netball on the Road” visits and coaching sessions and more exciting content will be announced later in the year too ūüôā

Sasha Corbin says ” I really love the Crazy Catch – it’s such a fun product which is great for netball training. The possibilities are endless in terms of creating drills improving your skills and i’m really excited to be launching our partnership with this fantastic competition for clubs … every club should have a Crazy Catch so why not try and win one for your team now!!”


All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a Professional Double Trouble for your club is tell us in no more than 2 sentences why your club is deserving of this prize. Closing date is Friday 31st July at 12 noon, with the winner announced that afternoon.


#WSW15 – Here come the Crazy Catch girls …

Over the years, Crazy Catch have been proud to support a number of leading figures in women’s sport as they seek to improve their skills and take their game to the next level. For #WSW15 we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase their achievements and promote their upcoming events. It’s really good to see more support for women’s sport in the media with Sky Sports’ coverage of the Netball Superleague particularly impressive; however there is still a long way to go before coverage is on a par with that of prominent and fully professional men’s sports like Football and Rugby.

Hockey –¬†Last year we filmed our “Not Giving In” video with Maddie Hinch … it now has over 12,500 hits and has prompted many other international teams to use the product in their training too. The saves that Maddie pulls off in the video are¬†consistent with her form on the international stage where she is regarded as one of the best in the world.

Maddie and the rest of the GB team are currently heading to Valencia for the World League which forms part of the Olympic qualification process for Rio. We must also mention Sabbie Heesh, Leicester HC number 1 who has recently joined the GB centralised program… do check out how she faired against Georgina and Jenna AKA Team Trouble! (WATCH)

Netball –¬†Netball is soaring in popularity, both in terms of participation and support for the England team and domestic netball games, which saw record attendances this year as Surrey Storm won the Superleague. Crazy Catch is a hugely popular training aid, with the unpredictable rebound providing challenge for players of all abilities. Sasha Corbin has used Crazy Catch in a few of her #solosessions videos which have been very popular and with the Netball World Cup coming up this August in Sydney – you will have to watch this space for some more exciting footage!

Football –¬†The Women’s World Cup will begin very shortly in Canada and all England’s matches will be televised on the BBC. The Crazy Catches are used in training by the England Women especially the goalkeepers working under Lee Kendal and we have our fingers crossed and wish them well for the tournament ūüėČ

Siobhan Chamberlain training at St Georges Park ahead of the Women's World Cup

Siobhan Chamberlain training at St Georges Park ahead of the Women’s World Cup

Cricket – Women’s cricket last year offered its first set of professional contracts and we have previously worked with the likes of Jenny Gunn, Heather Knight and Charlotte Edwards who have done a great job in inspiring a new generation of girls taking up the sport with the Crazy Catch being a great fun product to improve your catching skills and reactions.

As well as that, we have leading female athletes in other sports – also using the product and we love to hear your stories too. You can tweet us @CrazyCatchUK or tag us in your videos and photos on Instagram with the same account name.