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Cricket Drills | We Coach Cricket take on “Think Outside the Box” from Crazy Catch

You Tubers We Coach Cricket have taken inspiration from our Tammy Beaumont Think Outside the Box drills which we filmed last year which show the versatility of the product and how creative you can get with your coaching drills to improve batting, bowling and fielding skills!

How to MASTER the SHORT BALL with a Crazy Catch

This one specifically is used for training against the short ball, whether your duck, sway or play the choice is yours. The Crazy Catch really mixes up the feed as it rebounds off the net erratically so each ball is different and really keeps you on your toes!

How can I BAT on DODGY Wickets?

In this session Dan and Kieran look to recreate the batting against spin using the Crazy Catch. They have the Wildchild Classic and Upstart Classic laid flat with the INSANE sides facing up for extra unpredictability. This is a great way to practice batting on some of those dodgy uncovered pitches in the UK!!

This We Coach Cricket series is in partnership with Crazy Catch retailer Serious Cricket – SHOP HERE 


3 new “Think Outside the Box” drills from Crazy Catch

If like many you have been enjoying the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup over the past month, the performances of new Crazy Catch ambassador Tammy Beaumont who is at the time of writing, England’s leading run scorer with 387.

Just before the event, we filmed some new and innovative Crazy Catch drill with Mark Garaway at Millfield School with the objective of showcasing different ways to use the Ultimate Rebound Net in your training, so we have drills for batting, power hitting, run outs and wicket keeping to name but a few. Check out these three latest Think Outside the Box drills “Inner Ring Fielding”, Stumping and Catching and Fungo Power Hitting – why not give them a go in your next training session.

As well as the Crazy Catch range for cricket which covers (from smallest to largest) the Crazy Catch Freestyle, Crazy Catch Upstart Classic, Crazy Catch Wildchild Classic and the Crazy Catch Professional Classic, we also have some excellent new Vision Ball packs which can help develop visual skills and are used in cognitive decision making and to provide a different pace of bounce/ rebound. Check out the bundles on the Crazy Catch UK Store (SHOP NOW) 

Think Outside the Box | #WWC15 with Tammy Beaumont

Running alongside the Women’s World Cup hosted around England this June and July; Crazy Catch are pleased to announce our brand new campaign “Think Outside the Box” which see’s England’s Tammy Beaumont demonstrating some new and innovative Crazy Catch drills for cricket working with Director of Cricket at Millfield School Mark Garaway.

Says Marketing Manager Kate Costin Think Outside the Box is all about providing coaches with new drill ideas away from the traditional throw and catch concept often associated with Crazy Catch “This series of six drills shows the Crazy Catch as an all round training aid for cricket so we have some great batting drills and ways to use the Crazy Catch to improve your visual skills and decision making”. “Coaches will be able to access these drills via our social channels and also download the FREE PDF which gives all the information you need to run the practice at your school or club so the drill set up, equipment list, progressions, coaching points and some great advice from Tammy and Mark. We are sure that players will be able to make significant gains in their game with this outside the box thinking and hopefully we will see the Crazy Catch being used more creatively as its a hugely  versatile piece of kit”

The Crazy Catch classic range for cricket has both a SANE and INSANE side when used with a small ball. This enables the product to be used at all levels of the game across batting, bowling and fielding skills whilst its also great for team games, warm ups and for gym work incorporating reaction training.