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3 new “Think Outside the Box” drills from Crazy Catch

If like many you have been enjoying the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup over the past month, the performances of new Crazy Catch ambassador Tammy Beaumont who is at the time of writing, England’s leading run scorer with 387.

Just before the event, we filmed some new and innovative Crazy Catch drill with Mark Garaway at Millfield School with the objective of showcasing different ways to use the Ultimate Rebound Net in your training, so we have drills for batting, power hitting, run outs and wicket keeping to name but a few. Check out these three latest Think Outside the Box drills “Inner Ring Fielding”, Stumping and Catching and Fungo Power Hitting – why not give them a go in your next training session.

As well as the Crazy Catch range for cricket which covers (from smallest to largest) the Crazy Catch Freestyle, Crazy Catch Upstart Classic, Crazy Catch Wildchild Classic and the Crazy Catch Professional Classic, we also have some excellent new Vision Ball packs which can help develop visual skills and are used in cognitive decision making and to provide a different pace of bounce/ rebound. Check out the bundles on the Crazy Catch UK Store (SHOP NOW) 


Stocking Fillers from Crazy Catch

The Crazy Catch Freestyle makes a great little stocking filler… it can be used for pretty much any sport to develop skills or work on reactions plus its a very handy coaching aid to ensure an accurate feed in drills.

The Crazy Catch - Freestyle

The Crazy Catch – Freestyle

The Freestyle is 52x52cm and is very lightweight and portable … As well as sport, its also just a great fun product to use so is perfect for the garden. We also have a range of vision training balls which help develop catching skills and hand eye co-ordination … these are all also available from our CRAZY CATCH retailers (locate a retailer)