Crazy Catch Presents … the Ultimate Rebound Net for Cricket

Looking for the perfect gift for a Cricketer? Check out the totally unpredictable Crazy Catch Rebound Net – the world’s leading rebound net with two different sides for either a SANE or INSANE rebound.

Here Tammy Beaumont and Tom Moores share a few ways that the Crazy Catch can be used in your cricket training be it in a club setting or just working on your reactions and fielding skills at home. Crazy Catch can be used for batting drills, fitness training, fielding drills as well as fun team throwing and catching games … just get creative!!

Choose the Crazy Catch Classic range for cricket with two different sides and an adjustable bar to change the angle or take off the clips and make it freestyle. Used by top international teams and players but just as suitable to help youngster develop their game too. Shop for the Ultimate Rebound Net at


Black Friday x Crazy Catch | Where to find the best deals on the Ultimate Rebound Net

It’s Black Friday and we have some amazing savings this weekend across the Crazy Catch range … here is an overview of some of the best deals and where to shop plus advice on which product would be best for you!

Crazy Catch Wildchild Classic

Crazy Catch Wildchild Classic

Crazy Catch Wildchild ClassicBest for cricket, hockey and tennis, the Wildchild is 93 cm square and our best selling model. It has one side SANE where a small ball rebounds back normally then the famous INSANE side which really tests your reactions! Great size as its got a big surface to hit but its still really portable. Only £128.95 for Black Friday on Amazon Prime >>> SHOP NOW 

Crazy Catch Upstart Double Trouble

Crazy Catch Upstart Double Trouble

Crazy Catch Upstart Double Trouble. A great product for budding young netballers, footballers and perfect for lots of active family fun in the garden. One side is INSANE with a small ball, the back is INSANE with a large ball so double the crazyness!! NOW just £91.00 on Amazon Prime >>> SHOP NOW

Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble or Classic 

Crazy Catch Professional Double Trouble

The Crazy Catch Professional is our largest and most versatile net with both portrait and landscape orientation possible as well as a large surface area suitable for multi player use. This model is popular with schools and clubs and those with a large garden! Save over £40 off the RRP on both the Pro Classic for small ball sports and the Pro DT for big ball sports SHOP NOW

Crazy Catch Vision Balls

Crazy Catch Vision Ball 4 Pack

Super Stocking Filler! Get replacement or extra vision balls for your Crazy Catch. This four pack contains 2 x green and 2 x yellow level Vision 2 balls which are suitable for use across the Crazy Catch range. NOW just £9.98 on Amazon Prime >>> SHOP NOW

Crazy Catch Football Rebounder (AMAZON EXCLUSIVE)

Crazy Catch Football Rebounder

The perfect gift for young footballers and goalkeepers looking to practice their skills in the garden … this is the Crazy Catch Football Rebounder ⚽️ WAS £110.00, NOW just £79.50 on Amazon Prime >>> SHOP NOW

PLUS some of our Crazy Catch Retailers also have some great deals running …

  • Lovell Netball | Crazy Catch Freestyle for just £36 | SHOP THIS OFFER
  • 3D Sports | Crazy Catch Upstart Classic for £89.95 | SHOP THIS OFFER
  • Sports Directory | Great deals across the range | SHOP THIS OFFER
  • Martin Berrill Sports | Crazy Catch Wildchild Classic Complete Activity Set | SHOP THIS OFFER


Crazy Catch Presents … Sasha Corbin

We are delighted to present our 2018 Christmas campaign… Crazy Catch Presents…

Crazy Catch is the Ultimate Rebound Net for Netball and makes the perfect sporting gift whatever your age or ability. With it’s unique patented net technology, the Crazy Catch Double Trouble range can help improve your game and can be used in so many different ways either training alone or with your team mates. The INSANE rebound is super fun and really tests your skills. WATCH England Netballer Sasha Corbin in Crazy Catch Presents or SHOP NOW for the Double Trouble range for Netball

Netball #secretweapon training drills with Crazy Catch

The new Netball season is now underway so tell us … How does your Netball team use Crazy Catch in training?? Here’s 5 short drills to get your game sharp using your teams #secretweapon … Crazy Catch. Use the SANE side for a simple, consistent rebound or the INSANE side for a much more unpredictable and challenging catch!

Work on your passing and receiving skills and get your handling and footwork skills sharp for the new season with this drill with England Netballer, Sasha Corbin. Once you have mastered these 3 variations, flip over to the INSANE side of your Crazy Catch for extra challenge and fun!

Run to a cone then quickly turn, whilst catching a ball high on extension thrown onto the Crazy Catch by a partner then rotate. Use the INSANE side for an even more challenging pick up.

Set up a square 5 x 5 metres and start in the middle with a ball. Throw the ball towards a player holding the Crazy Catch Freestyle and they are going to pop the ball around the square with different heights and distances to stretch the player working. We suggest a set of 6 throws and catches before swapping.

Try this drill and improve your ball tracking and anticipation skills and take your Netball game to the next level #secretweapon. See how training with your #SecretWeapon Crazy Catch can develop your fitness, reactions, agility, speed, handling skills all whilst having fun!

FREE DRILLCARD PDF’s for coaches and session leaders

To accompany these #secretweapon drills, we have produced a PDF of all the drills including set up diagrams, coaching points and progressions so you can easily replicate any of the exercises in your training sessions. To access this free resource simply complete the form below and we will send you the PDF by email …

Tom Moores joins Tammy Beaumont as a Crazy Catch ambassador

Nottinghamshire Wicket Keeper Batsman Tom Moores has joined England Women’s star Tammy Beaumont in becoming Crazy Catch ambassadors for the upcoming year.

Tom enjoyed a breakthrough season at Nottinghamshire, hitting career best scores in all three formats, including his maiden First-Class century against Somerset at Taunton, whilst averaging over 30 with the bat in both the T20 Vitality Blast and Royal London One-Day Cup. Behind the stumps, Moores who has represented England at U19’s level, claimed 39 dismissals in the County Championship and recently picked up the Green and Golds Player of the Season award.
Tom grew up with Crazy Catch and describes hours and hours of fun playing in the garden diving off trampolines trying to take spectacular diving catches from his rebound net which has developed now into a passion for wicket keeping. Fast forward to 2018 where Tom now uses the Ultimate Rebound Net to train his reactions behind the stumps and to keep his training fun, fresh and varied.

It’s been a stellar year for Tammy Beaumont to say the least with her standout performances with the bat powering England to a historic World Cup win in front of a packed house at Lord’s in July 2017. Last year new and innovative drills featuring Tammy were a real hit with cricket players and coaches and showed new and innovative ways to improve not only your catching skills but all aspects of your cricket game for beginners and juniors right up to professionals competing at international level.

Tammy and Tom will appear in a series of new Crazy Catch challenges out early 2019 whilst also providing coaching tips in a series of wicket keeping drills. Crazy Catch is available from leading cricket retailers and online on the Crazy Catch UK store

Rebound Net | Crazy Catch is the number one training aid, whatever your sport!

If you are looking for a rebound net to help improve your skills, look no further than Crazy Catch – the original and best rebound net with an unpredictable, INSANE ball return … These recent customer reviews are taken from either Amazon reviews or via our retailers

Superb. My son is a goalkeeper and we use this as a good way of working out for him. Can be used by the keeper to stand in front of and warm up with straight on throws but we’ve found it very useful as well to have him or me to the side so that the ball rebounds for a variety of diving saves. Best of all he can work this on his own so if no chance to to get a training session in he an just pop in the garden with it.

What a great bit of kit will keep the kids and grown ups having fun for hours folds up flat so is easy to move and store away but once you start you just cant stop playing with it ,It would be great if you have a small yard or garden as you don’t need much room to play it and its a game you can play yourself so if you have only one child who likes to catch balls this is the baby for you,

We were introduced to this by a county squash trial – it is a very quick way to check (and improve) hand eye coordination. One side bounces back “sanely” the other “insanely” (not at all what you were expecting!) Great fun for the holidays too

This is great. Got it for my 11 year old son to improve his cricket skills- but great for all ages including adults.

Amazing. Delivered promptly. We have two happy boys playing together and by themselves in the garden. One with a football and the other playing catch/cricket.

Kids love it! Delivered on time! Excellent!


Crazy Catch wicket keeping video goes viral!

This new short wicket keeping clip featuring Surrey Cricket’s Ben Foakes working with fielding coach Chris Taylor and Alec Stewart has been taking the internet by storm and has amassed nearly 50,000 views! The drill uses a Crazy Catch Wildchild at a 90 degree angle with a wobble stump trying to distract the wicket keeper.



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This 'Turn & Bounce' wicket keeping drill simulates a #wicketkeeper taking a ball that turns and bounces through the gate. Starting Position @benfoakes7 has excellent 'posture' and athletic position. His eyes are level and engaged. The take technique – Upper body rotation to 'cope' with the bouncing ball. – Foakes maintains a large catching area as he turns – Quick hands back to the stumps – Follows ‘take and break’ with a straight back into 'posture position' Overtrain – Try multiple feeds from multiple angles which will challenge your player to produce solid technique every ball. Try a set of 6 balls 🏏 Progression – Flip to the insane side of the Crazy Catch for more challenge Thanks to Chris Taylor of @surreycricket for the footage and coaching points #Cricket #surreycricket #crickettraining #cricketcoaching #crazycatch @wecoachcricket @cricketmentoring @citycricketacademy @procoachcricket

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A second drill will called ‘Turn & Bounce’ simulates a  wicket keeper taking a ball that turns and bounces through the gate. Chris Taylor has kindly provided his coaching insight ….

Starting Position @benfoakes7 has excellent ‘posture’ and athletic position. His eyes are level and engaged.

The take technique

  • Upper body rotation to ‘cope’ with the bouncing ball.
  • Foakes maintains a large catching area as he turns
  • Quick hands back to the stumps
  • Follows ‘take and break’ with a straight back into ‘posture position’

Overtrain – Try multiple feeds from multiple angles which will challenge your player to produce solid technique every ball. Try a set of 6 balls 🏏

Progression – Flip to the insane side of the Crazy Catch for more challenge!

If you have enjoyed this drill, check out the Think Outside the Box drills and accompanying PDF drillcards produced with Tammy Beaumont and Mark Garaway … there are 6 innovative drills which are not just about catching but also work on evading the short ball, hitting the stumps, power hitting and taking those high boundary catches. Add fun, variety and challenge into any training session